Colorful energy flow map representing the Best Europe VPS Provider's network
Illustrating the vibrant, interconnected services of Europe's premier VPS provider EDIS Global with luminous map outline.
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Updated at: 13/03/2024

Buy VPS - Best Europe KVM VPS Hosting

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What is a Europe VPS?

If you're curious about what precisely is meant by the phrase Europe VPS- It's essentially referring to Virtual Private Servers hosted in continental Europe. The reason why you should consider opting for such servers depends on what you're looking for! For instance, utilizing a European VPS ensures heightened website efficiency owing to its closeness with your clients- leading towards quicker loading times and prompt responses. Notably, if you're looking towards GDPR compliance, then hosting with Europe-based providers could prove advantageous.

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Europe

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have become increasingly popular over the years, and for different reasons too. A VPS can be used for hosting websites, VPNs, game servers, and a host of many other applications. For those who want the best European VPS hosting provider, there is EDIS Global, with Data Centers in more than 30 European countries to choose from. Keep reading. Below is everything you need to know about VPS Europe, and why EDIS Global might just be the best VPS provider for you.

Colorful energy flow map representing the Best Europe VPS Provider's network
Illustrating the vibrant, interconnected services of Europe's premier VPS provider EDIS Global with luminous map outline.

Which Europe VPS location is best?

Which VPS location is ideal for you? This question depends on your use case. Do you require a European server location because of a certain countrys' legislation? Would you need a special EU VPS from a European location to get access to geo-restricted services? For an online shop you would probably pick the location closest to your audience to deliver the best user experience and get the highest ranking in local Google sites.

Best European VPS Provider

EDIS Global provides the ideal VPS solution for those looking for VPS in Europe. EDIS Global has over 30 European virtual server locations, covering almost all EU countries, and making it the perfect choice for businesses looking for The Best European VPS Provider. The company offers flexible pricing on their virtual private server, which is particularly useful for startups and small businesses who want to keep a close eye on their costs.

Buy VPS with full root access

Best Europe KVM VPS servers! Buy your KVM VPS server directly from EDIS Global. Pure performance, full root access or Administrator RDP access for Windows, control panel, technical support and a wide choice of operating systems. Your EDIS Global KVM VPS hosting is a Windows and Linux VPS at the same time. You decide whether you install Windows or if you prefer Linux operating systems on your Europe KVM VPS server.

KVM VPS with Full Virtualization

EDIS Global KVM virtual servers run on the powerful KVM hypervisor and feature KVM Virtualization, which means that all VPS are fully virtualized (and not based on operating-system based virtualization like OpenVZ, Solaris Containers or LXC).

Full Virtualization is an important security feature. Each KVM VPS boots its own kernel rather than sharing the same kernel (linux core) from the host node with all booted guests. In addition you are able to run Windows or FreeBSD or any other operating system or appliance which runs on the i368 platform, rather than being limited to a handful Linux Distributions supported by OpenVZ or LXC based, containerized virtual private servers.

Is VPN allowed in Europe VPS hosting?

Yes, VPN is allowed in Europe. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a technology that enables users to access the internet securely and maintain privacy over the web. With VPS hosting, you can set up a secure connection between your computer and your VPS from anywhere in the world. This means that all of your data traffic between your computer and your VPS will be encrypteded and your European VPS' IP address will serve as your gateway to the internet in the European Union, in the country where your VPS is hosted.

Europe Virtual Servers

EDIS Globals Europe Virtual Servers are a versatile solution for multitudes of applications and use-cases. VPS are ideal for hosting websites, as well for running VPNs, or proxy services. Additionally, you can run game servers or other applications that require high performance, on any EDIS Global VPS in Europe.

KVM VPS Control Panel

EDIS Globals' VPS hosting control panel features sets itself apart from its competitors.

Our Control Panel provides a full set of features to start, stop, restart, reinstall your virtual machine. Every KVM VPS comes with its own VNC Server and noVNC access via the control panel.

EDIS Globals KVM VPS Control Panel is an Internet Powerhouse and provides auto-installers for common Linux distributions or Windows, "reverse DNS" PTR delegation, custom .iso upload, daily traffic statistics, CPU statistics, KVM-specific driver settings regarding, vLAN settings, API access (REST API), it handles upgrade requests and allows for Traffic Pool maintenance and a lot more.

Linux and Windows VPS in Europe

EDIS Global Europe VPS supports both: Linux and Windows VPS in Europe, so you don't have to decide upon the operating system when you order. You have the flexibility to switch operating systems at any time (simply reinstall), making it easy to adapt as your business' requirements change.

Bitcoin Payment Accepted

One unique feature of EDIS Global is that they accept Bitcoin and many other crypto currencies in exchange for Europe VPS hosting. This is particularly useful for businesses that have a hard time getting traditional banking services or want additional privacy when making VPS payments.

Best European VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server in Europe can offer several benefits for individuals and businesses alike. EDIS Global offers Best European VPS Hosting from a wide range of European virtual private server locations, ensuring that you always have the right machine close to hand. With EDIS Global, you can choose either a Linux VPS in Europe or Windows VPS in Europe, making it a more versatile choice. The good thing is that you don't have to chose. Every EDIS VPS can do both Linux and Windows. Additionally, EDIS Global is Bitcoin-friendly, making it perfect for individuals and businesses that prioritize privacy and security.

Why European Hosting Location is Important and How to Choose It?

The choice of hosting location plays a crucial role as it directly impacts the server uptime and data transfer speed. It's essential to consider the proximity of the data centers to your target audience. However, it's worth exploring the benefits of hosting your website within Europe, as it serves as an attractive option for users across both the eastern and western parts of the world. EDIS Global is amongst the top VPS hosting providers in Europe.

How to Find Good European VPS Hosting?

Finding the right VPS hosting provider is not easy, but with EDIS Global you have European VPS Hosting at your fingertips. Not only Europe VPS hosting! EDIS gets you covered worldwide with an abundance of almost 50 fully geo-located VPS hosting locations around the globe.


Looking to buy VPS hosting in Europe? We've got you covered! Our hosting plans are available in several European countries, including Russia, Serbia and Slovenia.

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Whether you're an individual blogger or a large enterprise, our VPS hosting plans offer complete control and flexibility, backed by reliable infrastructure and top-of-the-line hardware. So why wait? Buy VPS hosting in your preferred location today and experience the power of our global hosting network!

... and EDIS Global has two locations in Great Britain, in the London City, and in the London Docklands.

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