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Frequently Asked VPS Hosting Questions

What is a KVM VPS?

Our KVM VPS are virtual machines (VM, virtual private server, VPS) with a set of features that set them apart from a context-based "cheap VPS" and makes them more comparable to a dedicated server.

All EDIS Global VPSes are KVM based

Our virtual servers (VPSes) run on the powerful KVM hypervisor, which means that all EDIS Global VPS are fully virtualized (and not based on operating-system based virtualization like OpenVZ, Solaris Containers or LXC).

Every VPS comes with TUN/TAP device availability to run all kinds of networking services like VPN and Proxies.

EDIS Global allows Host CPU pass-through - a virtualization technique that allows a virtual machine to directly access and use the physical CPU of the host system, bypassing the hypervisor's CPU emulation layer.

CPU passthrough is useful in scenarios where high performance and low latency are crucial, such as gaming or running resource-intensive applications, compression, encapsulation (VPN). By allowing the virtual machine to use the host's physical CPU directly, host CPU passthrough can reduce overhead and improve performance compared to traditional virtualization techniques that purely rely on CPU emulation.

What else have KVM VPS to offer?

Our KVM VPS offer additional features such as virtual network LANs, the ability to connect to each VPS' VNC server with a desktop VNC client and to manually install a server through such VNC sessions.

With the ability to bring your own .ISO file or backup, you can customize your virtual machine to meet your specific needs or migrate an existing machine to the cloud.

EDIS Global virtual servers are capable of running both Windows and Linux. It is up to you if your KVM VPS is a Linux VPS or a Windows VPS - You decide which OS to install and how often you reinstall with another operating system. VPS can be reinstalled quickly, with the choice of Windows Server (180 day trial) versions and common Linux distributions.

Virtual machines can be upgraded beyond VPS' plans specs and can be tuned towards a memory optimized VPS by adding additional RAM (up to 384GB) or towards a CPU optimized compute VPS by adding vCPU cores. Additionally it is possible to top-up a traffic pool to cater for your global traffic needs.

Complete Control Over Your VPS

An EDIS Global VPS offers complete control over your virtualized environment, which is running on a physical server (host node).

It provides you with the flexibility to choose between Linux and Windows operating systems, while multiple versions of each OS being available without restriction. Multiple features are available in the VPS control panel.

You can run almost everything on our VPS which can be run/executed on Intel processors. Our VPS plans offer full root access (or Windows RDP access), giving you the freedom to easily install any necessary software or website hosting control panels to meet your specific requirements.

You can even bring your own operating system .iso file and install it on our VPS in a VNC session.

Select the operating system that suits you best. Whether it's Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or Windows Server, all choices are at your disposal.

You have the freedom to reinstall your VPS' operating system anytime - switch easily between Windows and Linux without any hassle, with an EDIS Global VPS.

Do You Provide Windows VPS Hosting Services?

Yes, we do provide Windows VPS hosting services. EDIS Global virtual machines can be both: a Linux VPS and a Windows server, depending on which OS you install from the control panel.

Please note that EDIS Global does not provide a Windows license and you have 180 days to enter your own license key in the Windows Server trial installation.

What happens if I exceed my monthly traffic limit?

If you exceed your monthly traffic limit, your server's ethernet speed will be reduced to 64kbit/s, but it will remain online. To restore full speed, you have the options to upgrade your plan, top-up your traffic through the traffic pool, or wait for the monthly reset. Immediate speed restoration is possible through plan upgrades or traffic top-ups. For more information, please refer to our documentation on exceeding monthly traffic limit.

Automated VPS Installation Routines

Make use of EDIS Global automated VPS installation routines, to make the installation of common Linux distributions and Windows Server operating systems as comfortable as indicating a password and clicking "install now".

EDIS Global VPS come with 100+ Turnkey Linux images that can be deployed on your VPS at the touch of a button.

Which Locations Are Available for Virtual Private Server Hosting?

EDIS Global boasts an extensive network of data centers spanning across 48 locations worldwide. Our data centers are strategically situated to cater to different regions, including the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

If your target audience is based in the Americas, you have the option to host your VPS in locations such as New York, Miami, Chile (Vina Del Mar, Paraiso area), or Colombia (Bogota).

For businesses focusing on the European market, we have a wide range of options available in Austria (Vienna and Graz), Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy (Milan and Palermo), Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (London City and London Docklands).

For those targeting the Asian market, we provide VPS hosting in Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. Such a comprehensive coverage ensures that we can deliver outstanding service and support, regardless of your location or the areas where you need to provide services.

Are domain names or email services included?

EDIS Global VPS solutions don't come with domain names or email addresses.

What Are VPS Good For?

Our VPS (Virtual Private Server) are an economical and reliable way to run web applications.

Host your own game servers, run your Forex- or Crypto trading bots like Gunbot (Gunty) or MT4/MT5, hide your name with a VPN (run OpenVPN), run proxy servers or any other business software.

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Cheap VPS Hosting

Buy our Cheap KVM VPS; directly from EDIS Global! We offer cost-effective hosting plans that won't break the bank. With our cheap VPS and budget-friendly KVM VPS plans (well, all VPS are KVM based), you can enjoy reliable performance and full virtualization capabilities at an affordable price point. Don't compromise on quality - choose EDIS Global for cheap VPS and experience the power of KVM virtualization without burning a hole in your pocket. Explore our range of cheap VPS options today and elevate your online presence without breaking the bank.

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GEO-Located VPS & IP Addresses

What is GEO-Located Hosting?
EDIS Global VPS hosting plans utilize GEO-located infrastructure, ensuring both IP addresses and servers precisely match their stated geographical locations.
This specific alignment is crucial for VPN providers and global market observers.

Detailed Explanation:
When we mention "GEO-located VPS hosting with GEO-located IP addresses", we're referring to servers (data centers) and IP addresses specifically tied to a particular geographical region or location. Essentially, both the server and IP address are physically located in a designated country, city, or region. This specificity enables providers to offer localized services or content tailored to users in that area.

Benefits & Use Cases:
Localized Services: For businesses targeting specific regions, using a GEO-located VPS ensures fast loading times and a tailored experience for local users.

Security & Privacy: GEO-located VPS can aid in accessing region-restricted content or bypassing local governmental restrictions. Additionally, a GEO-located IP address can hide the user's true location, enhancing privacy during internet browsing, especially during VPN or proxy sessions.

Add-Ons with EDIS Global:
Maximize your VPS hosting with EDIS Global by adding up to 10 additional IPv4 addresses. Choose from any of EDIS Global 48 global VPS hosting locations spanning Europe, Asia, LATAM, USA, and Australia.

Fully Geo-Located VPS Hosting
Server racks in a data center with numerous cables and glowing LED lights, illustrating the infrastructure of VPS hosting services.
A glimpse inside the powerhouse of virtual private server hosting, where technology meets reliability.

Why Is Our VPS Hosting So Popular?

Unparalleled Scalability:
Every EDIS Global VPS can be upgraded to fit your needs, enabling quick expansion in capacity or features as required.

Feature-Rich Experience:
Powerful Specs: Our VPS boasts robust CPU cores, high RAM, and 100% Solid State Drives (SSD) storage for optimal performance.

Full Access: Obtain full root access via SSH, or Administrator RDP access to your Windows Servers, giving you complete control over your server.

Premium Bandwidth: Experience uninterrupted, low latency services with our abundant bandwidth, all part of the EDIS Global low latency premium network.

REST API Integration: EDIS Global offers a REST API, making it simpler for you to control every function of your VPS effortlessly.

A Perfect Solution for Many:
Our VPS Hosting is ideal for anyone wanting hassle-free hosting, eliminating concerns over hardware, resources, or maintenance.

Flexible, Secure, and Cost-effective:
An EDIS Global VPS stands out in power, adaptability, and security, making it suitable even for demanding tasks and workloads. If you're seeking a reliable, cost-effective hosting solution, consider EDIS Global VPS!

EDIS Global VPS use Fastest Intel Processors

Interested in buying a VPS, but don't know which one is the best VPS hosting for you? Intel processors are widely considered to be some of the most reliable and efficient on the market.

If you’re looking for powerful VPS that won’t let you down in terms of speed, then EDIS Global VPS with Intel’s range of processors could be just what you need. Purchase VPS directly from EDIS Global!

Unparalleled throughput and low latency

When it comes to VPS, few components are as crucial as Ethernet adapters. For those who want the best performance for their low-latency applications like VPN or VoIP, Intel Ethernet adapters are the go-to choice.

EDIS Global uses only the fastest fiber-optic Intel NICs in their VPS host nodes, providing an optimized workload performance with unparalleled throughput, and lowest possible latency compared to other VPS providers.

VPS Hosting Intel Enterprise server CPU
A modern, high-pin-count CPU prepared for installation in a VPS hosting server environment.

Do You Provide a Dedicated IP Address for VPS Plans?

Each VPS is equipped with a dedicated IPv4 address. The dedicated IPv4 addresses are for custom applications such as VPN or game servers, staging websites, web servers, email servers (domain-based email addresses), website hosting, and other administrative tasks. Reverse PTR delegation for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses is provided through the admin-portal.

Every EDIS Global VPS hosting plan comes with one /64 IPv6 range, which amounts to a whopping 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addresses.

We add additional IPv4 addresses to your VPS upon request.

IPv6 Relative Network SizesSizeUsage
/1281 IPv6 addressA network interface
/6418,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addressesEDIS Global VPS are assigned one /64 LAN segment
/56256x /64 LAN segmentsPopular prefix size for a smaller subscriber site
/4865,536 /64 LAN segmentsPrefix size used by EDIS Global for one server location
/3265,536 /48 subscriber sitesMinimum IPv6 allocation (RIR to LIR)
/2416,777,216 /48 subscriber sites256 times larger than the minimum IPv6 allocation

What makes EDIS Global VPS servers the ideal choice?

EDIS Global is a trusted provider of VPS servers worldwide with thousands of satisfied customers. EDIS Global offers VPS hosting plans suitable for any budget and provides outstanding technical support as part of its VPS services. In addition, you have the freedom to choose between Linux and Windows operating systems, and switch between them with ease.

About EDIS Global

EDIS Global is a leading VPS hosting provider with 48 worldwide VPS hosting locations.
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Back in 1999, Pentium II 866 MHz servers, 60GB IBM harddrives in a Transtec SCSI enclosure, DLT80 tape-drives for the backups, and a fibre panel with 100Mbps internet uplink.

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