Celebrating 24 Years of Excellence in Web Hosting and the Cloud



EDIS has come a long way since its early beginnings as a simple domain registrar. Over the past 24 years, it has evolved into a full-service web hosting and cloud-service VPS platform with a strong emphasis on personalized support.



EDIS Global: A Pioneer in Cloud Services


EDIS was established as a sole proprietorship on February 16 1999, starting with just one 1U Supermicro Dual Pentium III 866 MHz server. With a mere 1GB of RAM and two 3.5" 8GB SCA HDDs, the server was responsible for hosting two name servers, Sendmail, Apache, and various mailboxes. Despite its humble beginnings, this machine laid the foundation for the company's future growth and success.


In 2004, EDIS made history by experimenting with User-mode Linux (UML) and becoming one of the first providers to launch commercial virtualization products based on that technology. This bold move opened up entirely new opportunities and attracted international customers for the very first time.


In 2005, however, the experiment had to come to an end because the hardware and User-mode Linux at that time were not yet powerful enough for what the team wanted to accomplish. Undeterred, EDIS started over again in 2010 with virtualization (Linux-VServer, KVM full virtualization and OpenVZ), laying down a path that led straight to success.



There was no way back ...


EDIS Global has grown into a leading VPS player with an extensive network of infrastructure and VPS hosting locations in over 40 countries. Throughout its journey, EDIS has shown an unwavering dedication to excellence, optimizing its platform to provide the highest quality service and support to its clients.


EDIS' success is not just due to its technical prowess. Its commitment to personalized support and expert advice is also a significant differentiator, ensuring that each customer receives the best possible experience when working with the company.


As EDIS continues to innovate and grow, its values remain intact, prioritizing the needs of businesses and individuals worldwide. With top-quality web hosting and cloud services, EDIS continues to assert itself as a leader in the industry, holding true to its mission of providing best-in-class service and personal support to its clients.

  • 1999
    The company was established as a sole proprietorship on February 16.
  • 2000
    Accreditation by the Austrian domain name registry nic.at was received, allowing EDIS to become a domain registrar.
  • 2001
    EDIS began operating its own data center in Graz, Austria.
  • 2004
    EDIS introduced its first virtualization products based on _Usermode Linux_ (UML) attracting the first international customers.
  • 2005
    EDIS became the first Austrian web hosting provider with its own dedicated gigabit uplinks
  • 2008
    Restructuring of the company, foundation of EDIS GmbH
  • 2010
    With the launch of its virtualization products (Linux vServer Container, KVM and OpenVZ), EDIS finally made the leap onto the global stage.
  • 2012
    EDIS became the market leader in context-based servers in Austria and Switzerland
  • 2013
    EDIS established an in-house fiber optic backbone with redundant connections via Vienna and became the first Austrian web hosting provider to have its own 10 Gbps backbone, leading to the relocation of its core infrastructure from Graz to Vienna. Expansion into 17 or more countries, including Russia, Chile, Hong Kong, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Isle of Man, and the USA.
  • 2013
    Launch of Waveride, low-cost high-powered OpenVZ VPS
  • 2013
    Launching the infamous EDIS Raspberry Pi Colocation
  • 2014
    EDIS acquired the domain and hosting businesses of IFO.net GmbH and Liechtenstein's Kyberna AG.
  • 2017
    Infrastructure and hosting platforms were established in 25 countries.
  • 2019
    Infrastructure and hosting platforms expanded into 35 countries, with primary growth in the Asia-Pacific, the Mediterranean, and Eastern and Southern Europe.
  • 2020
    Provision of zero-downtime web hosting with horizontal scaling, NVMe Ceph storage along with a focus on platform, CDN, Elasticsearch, and S3 hosting.
  • 2021
    Infrastructure and hosting platforms expanded into 40 countries.
  • 2022
    EDIS expanded to London Canary Wharf, North Beach Florida (Miami), launched availability of Global Traffic Pools, Windows Server, and went live with its 2nd EDIS Server location in Vienna at Interxion. Additionally, EDIS also launched ANYCAST DNS with over 40 domain name servers in two independent CLOUD platforms worldwide.
  • 2023
    EDIS launches a massive wave of upgrades to 10Gbps for every server node worldwide in what we like to call the "10G year." They also spinoff and rebrand the VPS and server business as the new EDIS Global brand, Foundation of EDGBL Ltd., celebrating the launch of the VPS hosting platform in Bogotá, Colombia.
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1999 - Supermicro Pentium III 866 MHz #1
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