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The Power of Virtual Private Server Hosting Services in 48 Worldwide Locations


In today's digital landscape, businesses require robust hosting solutions to ensure their online presence remains uninterrupted and optimized. EDIS Global emerges as a leading player in the field, offering cutting-edge virtual private server (VPS) hosting services across an extensive network of 48 global locations. From Europe to Asia, Latin America to the United States and Canada, EDIS Global provides unparalleled hosting solutions that cater to the diverse needs of businesses worldwide.

Beyond Tech: Proving Your Company's Core Operations in Cyprus

Updated at: 13/02/2024

This approach is more than a technical maneuver; it's a key strategy for integrating and validating your business within the local Cypriot landscape, essential for establishing and demonstrating your company's operational foundation in Cyprus.

VPS Cyprus, Enterprise Server in Limassol

Decoding Security: Are SSH Connections Truly Secure?

Updated at: 01/10/2023

Explore the security of SSH connections. Find out how secure your data really is with SSH protocols. - Understanding SSH Connections, learn about Key-Based Authentication in SSH, SSH tunneling and how to make SSH more secure.

how secure your data is with ssh protocol

Maximizing Chrome Remote Desktop for Efficient Remote Access

Updated at: 01/10/2023

Master the use of Google's Chrome Remote Desktop with our guide. Learn to set up, secure and optimize your remote access experience.

Chrome Remote Desktop Logo

Debian 12 "Bookworm" Available with EDIS Global VPS Hosting, debian 12 release date June 10 2023

Updated at: 18/06/2023

VPS hosting with Debian 12, a stable and secure Linux distribution with enhanced security features and better performance. With access to numerous software packages directly from the Debian repositories, users have complete control over their server environment. EDIS Global adopts Debian 12 "bookworm" right after its release in June 2023 for its global VPS offers.

Linux Tux Penguins, Debian 11, Debian 12, Centos, Ubuntu

Wireguard: Enhancing VPN Security and Speed with WireGuard Protocol

Updated at: 13/06/2023

In this article, we'll investigate the cryptographic protocols utilized by WireGuard to guarantee safe correspondence between gadgets. We'll also explore how it can help you access restricted content by bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming services and maintaining privacy while downloading torrents. Furthermore, we'll provide a step-by-step guide for setting up your own WireGuard VPN server using VPS hosting services. You'll learn about managing users through QR codes for easy credential sharing and SSL certificate generation.

Wireguard, Wireguard VPN, Wireguard protocol

PTR Record: Configuration & Email Deliverability

Updated at: 09/06/2023

Understanding the importance of PTR records in email deliverability. How PTR records authenticate sender IP Addresses, protect against spammers, and improve overall mail server reliability and email deliverybility.

PTR Record, Reverse PTR, Reverse Pointer, email deliverability

Buy VPS - Best Europe KVM VPS Hosting

Updated at: 20/05/2023

EDIS Global provides the best Europe VPS hosting solution for those looking for VPS in Europe. EDIS Global has over 30 fully geo-located European virtual server locations, making it the perfect choice for businesses looking for the best European VPS provider. The company offers flexible pricing on their virtual private server, which is particularly useful for startups and small businesses who want to keep a close eye on their costs.

Best VPS in Europe vibrant map

Popular Linux Distributions and OS 2023

Updated at: 03/05/2023

EDIS Global provides popular Linux Distributions for automated installation, dozens auf .iso files for manual install and more than 100 pre-configured system images, including popular use cases like WordPress, Magento 2, and GitLab, to enhance the performance and efficiency of your VPS.

Debian wireframe blocks symbolizing containers and various use cases and operating systems

Hong Kong VPN Benefits for People in Mainland China

Updated at: 04/05/2023

The article discusses the benefits of using a Hong Kong VPN service for individuals residing in Mainland China. It highlights how a VPN service can provide access to blocked content, improved online security, bypassing internet restrictions, anonymity and privacy, and faster internet speeds.

Hong Kong VPN - Stonecutters Bridge Tsing Sha Highway

EDIS Goes Live in Bogotá. Wait, didn't we say Brazil?

Updated at: 19/04/2023

EDIS has launched a new VPS hosting service in Bogotá, Colombia with powerful Intel processors, 2x 10Gbps fiber uplinks per host node, and fully GEO-Located services. The servers come with cutting-edge hardware such as multiple premium Intel Xeon Processors, low latency 10Gbps Intel fiber NICs and 100% SSD storage. EDIS is proud to bring top-tier services to the region and customers worldwide.

VPS Colombia VPS Hosting, Bogotá Colombia

10Gbps Upgrade Works in Paris successfully completed - EDIS Global’s “TenGig Year” - Investing in Quality Products & Services Worldwide

Updated at: 21/04/2023

EDIS Global is taking the tech world by storm with its “TenGig Year” of upgrades. It has recently implemented massive changes to its KVM plans in Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, as well as to VPS host nodes in St. Denis, Paris, France. These upgrade are done with the purpose of providing customers with quality products and services at optimal value for money.

Hallway of a foor of the data center in Equinix PA2 Paris

Unbeatable Value: EDIS Global's Affordable Linux VPS Hosting

Updated at: 26/04/2023

EDIS Global offers cheap Linux VPS hosting plans with unbeatable value, providing unparalleled performance, scalability, and reliability. Their VPS servers are deployed on high-quality enterprise servers located in data centers around the world, with full root SSH access and seamless upgradeability for resources. EDIS offers multiple operating system choices, massive amounts of traffic, and a high uptime guarantee in their 48 data center locations worldwide.

multi-layered effect red blue pink wafer, symbolizing virtual hundreds of virtual servers

Looking Glass: Global Servers for Reliable and Fast Latency Testing

Updated at: 24/02/2024

EDIS Global provides a suite of tools called looking glass servers to measure network speeds, check routing and latency. We allows users to view backbone networks and network efficiency from over 40 data center locations in real time with the help of testing methods such as ping, traceroute, mtr and speed tests. These tools can be used to identify potential connectivity issues and maximize internet speed optimization.

Looking Glass: Global Servers for Reliable and Fast Latency Testing

10 Years EDIS Raspberry Pi Colo

Updated at: 28/04/2023

One of the craziest projects we've ever done. Postmen loved us. EDIS has been hosting over 500 Raspberry Pis since 2012, with 98% of them still running as of January 2022. The company offered a free colocation service for Raspberry Pis. EDIS received parcels from all over the world, with senders including chocolates, cookies, and even fossils. Although the service remains free, the company no longer has any Raspberry Pi hosting slots available.

EDIS Raspberry Pi Colo with RPi Logo

EDIS VPS are Ideal for Automated Crypto Trading

Updated at: 14/04/2023

EDIS VPS hosting plans are designed for automated trading, such as for running a crypto trading bot like Gunbot (Gunty). The VPS is more reliable than a home PC and economically priced compared to dedicated servers. It can be hosted close to the crypto exchange of your choice for lowest latency and maximum speed. This is particularly important if you plan on arbitrage trading or competing with other signal groups. EDIS helps customers find the best VPS location for low-latency access to all their exchanges.

EDIS Global Crypto Trading Bots on VPS connecting to various exchanges

Bitcoin VPS - Buy your VPS server with Bitcoin or other Crypto

Updated at: 13/02/2024

EDIS Global started accepting Crypto Payments in 2017, and now accepts cryptocurrency payments for VPS and Dedicated Servers in over 40 locations. EDIS Global does not require KYC formalities and allows signup over TOR or proxy server nodes. EDIS provides GEO-Located services and clean ISO images.

EDIS Global Bitcoin Crypto Currency Coin

VPS Virtual Private Server for Forex Trading

Updated at: 14/04/2023

EDIS VPS were designed to allow profitable automated trading and can be hosted near the stock exchange of your choice. It offers low latency network access, is economically priced compared to dedicated servers, and comes with a minimum 2x 1G port connectivity and 100% SSD storage. It can run MT4 or MT5 instances without any issues. EDIS is available in 40+ worldwide locations including New York, Montreal, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore. Make an EDIS KVM your next Fore Trading VPS and start automated trading today!

EDIS Global VPS MT4 MT5 Forex Trading

What is the purpose of using a VPN?

Updated at: 14/04/2023

VPN is used to safeguard your internet connection, protect your privacy, unblock websites and services, bypass censorship, access geo-restricted content and bypass government firewalls. EDIS VPS are technically ready for VPN operation with a provided OpenVPN Turnkey system image which installs automatically on their KVM VPS in over 40 countries, allowing you to take back your right to access information without being subject to government censorship.

EDIS Global VPS China Iran purpose of VPN

What is the stuff you can do with a VPS?

Updated at: 14/04/2023

A VPS provides customers with their own isolated area of a cloud-based physical server. It allows them to install their own operating system and applications, offers them the same levels of access and control as a dedicated server, and can be used for various tasks such as hosting websites or running high-traffic services. EDIS Global provides reliable VPS solutions that come with scalability and resource isolation.

EDIS Global VPS Linux Windows

Discover Affordable and Reliable Cheap VPS Hosting Solutions

Updated at: 29/05/2023

As a passionate reader seeking meaningful insights on VPS hosting services worldwide - this blog post promises an illuminating experience! We will cover the most dynamic global locations for best-in-class VPS hosting servers orchestrated by EDIS Global, covering Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong among others.

Affordable, Reliable Cheap VPS Hosting

Global Success through Localized VPS Services

Updated at: 01/06/2023

Join us on a journey through the complexities of geo-located VPS services. In this blog post we aim to shed light on the crucial decision-making process surrounding selecting an appropriate server location along with taking note of influential factors affecting server functionality. Enhance your understanding of GEO IP databases with this comprehensive breakdown that covers topics ranging from varying types of network coordination centers such as RIPE NCC and ARIN to learning about how geolocation data gets stored within WHOIS databases.

Accurately Geolocated VPS Servers

KVM VPS Hosting: Advanced Features and Global Solutions

Updated at: 03/06/2023

KVM VPS hosting is an effective and multifaceted choice for Linux professionals, IT experts, and VPN providers. Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a full virtualization solution that offers numerous benefits over traditional VPS packages. In this blog post, we will delve into the key advantages of KVM VPS hosting.

KVM VPS Hosting

Explore EDIS Global's Extensive Network


With EDIS Global, businesses gain access to VPS hosting services that span 48 strategic locations across the globe. In Europe, cities such as Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich, Zagreb, Sofia, and many more boast EDIS Global's world-class hosting infrastructure. Additionally, key locations in Asia, including Hong Kong, our Singapore VPS location, and our VPS Hosting in Tokyo, provide businesses with exceptional connectivity and performance. Latin America, the United States (New York and Miami), and Canada (Montreal).



Unleash the Power of our VPS Hosting


We empower businesses with our comprehensive suite of VPS hosting services. With root access and Linux VPS capabilities, our customers have complete control over their virtual server environments. EDIS Global's KVM based virtual machines deliver enhanced security, isolation, and scalability, enabling businesses to meet their evolving demands with ease.



Best Cheap VPS Hosting in 2023


In an era where affordability and reliability are paramount, EDIS Global stands out as a frontrunner in delivering cost-effective hosting solutions. EDIS Global delivers vps hosting service at its best. With its best cheap VPS hosting services, businesses can leverage top-notch performance and reliability without breaking the bank. Try an unmanaged VPS hosting plan! Whether you require Linux hosting or Windows RDP hosting, EDIS Global has tailored packages to suit your specific needs.



Unmanaged VPS Hosting Plans for Unmatched Flexibility


EDIS Global recognizes the need for customization and flexibility in hosting services. Hence, they offer unmanaged VPS hosting plans that grant customers the freedom to configure their servers as per their unique requirements. With EDIS Global, businesses can maximize their operational efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum.



Affordable VPS Plans without Compromising Quality


EDIS Global's commitment to affordability is further exemplified by its wide range of affordable VPS plans. As a trusted hosting provider, they offer cost-effective solutions suitable for web hosting without compromising on the quality of service. By choosing EDIS Global, businesses can achieve a perfect balance between performance, reliability, and affordability.



Count on EDIS Global for Unbeatable Value


When it comes to selecting the cheapest VPS hosting provider, EDIS Global stands out from the crowd. With their exceptional KVM machines and dedicated (static) IP addresses, businesses can enjoy unrivaled performance and reliability at unbeatable prices. EDIS Global takes pride in being the go-to service provider for businesses seeking affordable hosting solutions without compromising on quality.



Choose EDIS Global as Your Trusted Hosting Provider


In a sea of hosting companies, EDIS Global emerges as the best hosting provider for businesses worldwide. Their hosting plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of different industries, ensuring seamless online experiences for their customers. They are a cheap vps hosting provider. With a robust network of global data centers, unparalleled customer support, and cutting-edge technology, EDIS Global sets the standard for excellence in VPS hosting.

EDIS Global offers an extensive network of virtual private server hosting services across 48 locations worldwide. With a wide range of affordable and flexible hosting plans, businesses can take advantage of root access, Linux VPS, KVM virtual private servers, and much more. Trust EDIS Global as your dedicated vps hosting provider.

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