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Updated at: 26/04/2024

From Concept to Connectivity: The Story of EDIS Global’s New Cyprus VPS Services

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A Fresh Start in Limassol

As you all know, we’ve been through quite the adventure transitioning our VPS hosting services to our new home in Limassol, Cyprus. We wanted to share a bit of our journey - what drove the move, the challenges we faced, and how, together, we turned a concept into one of the most robust hosting environments available today.

Why Cyprus, and Why Now?

In 2023, we recognized the need to increase the visibility of our VPS offerings, previously overshadowed by our webhosting and domain registration services focused on the German-speaking market. With a rebrand in the works—featuring a new logo and website—and seeking a more conducive business environment, Cyprus became our destination of choice not just for its business-friendly atmosphere but also for its warm climate!

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Building Our New Base

Settling into 22 Spyrou Kyprianou (Limassol), took us about six months of adjustment to the local pace. It quickly became clear that our operations would only truly feel at home with a powerful VPS hosting cluster nearby. We also wanted to bring our expertise to the island.

We had extensive talks with several local providers and data centres in both Nicosia and Limassol. However, nothing felt quite right for what we wanted to do. We wanted to build a fully redundant, high-quality enterprise hosting system in a high security environment.

We aimed for a setup with Secure Encrypted Virtualization and thorough redundancy, incorporating multiple routers, independent Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) via redundant fibre connections. We strived for a strategic alliance with a prominent local entity, ensuring robust links with top-tier upstream providers, and having a substantial peering footprint. As usual, we were after the lowest possible latency, both globally and with all network peers across various sectors in Cyprus, including scientific, financial, governmental, military, and other critical domains.

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A Partnership Forged in Tech

Choosing the Cyta Amathounta Data Center, operated by the Cyprus Telecom Authority, was a game-changer. It took months and a hefty 100 pages of agreements, but the payoff was immense. We're proud to announce that EDIS Global has been officially licensed by Cyprus Telecom Authority to run infrastructure on the island and within their Tier3 data center in Limassol.

Not only is Cyta known for having "Europe's Fastest Mobile Network (Ookla Speedtest Awards, Europe 2022)," Cyta has developed an extensive submarine fibre optic cable network connecting Cyprus at three cable landing stations: Ayia Napa, Pentaskhinos and Yeroskipos. Transit links are built with lowest latency and redundancy in mind.

Cyta provides us with the quality we need to offer our clients the best network on the island.

Many thanks to Christina, Lukas, Yiannis, Iasonas, Terpsa, Doros, Marios, and everyone at ASN6866. Your patience and support have been nothing short of amazing during this project.

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What This Means for Us and Our Clients

With the new Cyprus VPS services online as of April 19, 2024, we're not just offering a product but a promise of unparalleled connectivity and support. Our network strategically connects through major providers and internet exchanges worldwide, ensuring the lowest latency for our clients in Cyprus, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and globally.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication, EDIS Global has set a new standard for VPS hosting in Cyprus. Here’s to many more milestones together!