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Updated at: 19/04/2023

EDIS Goes Live in Bogotá. Wait, didn't we say Brazil?

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EDIS is excited to announce the launch of its most recent VPS hosting platform in Colombia.



EDIS' new Latin American VPS server location offers powerful Intel processors, 2x 10Gbps fiber uplinks per host node, and fully GEO-Located IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges, hosted in EdgeUno BOG4 data center in the very heart of Bogotá.


The Project in Bogotá began somewhere else.


Rewind. EDIS has been operating its VPS hosting in Chile platform for around a decade and wanted to expand its Latin American presence. Submarine cable maps revealed Fortaleza (Ceará) in Brazil as the desired destination - all undersea cables from New York, Miami and the Caribbean would land here, providing loads of bandwidth and opportunities.

The import of our equipment proved (more than) difficult due to some legal issues; thus Brazil was off the list for the time being. After some extensive research and a few months later, Colombia was discovered: Cali, Medellin, Narcos (Netflix), Pablo Escobar and the beautiful city of Bogotá - 8 million people and one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Latin America - all convinced EDIS this is where they wanted to open their next VPS hub.

Our high-performance servers are equipped with cutting-edge hardware such as multiple premium Intel Xeon Processors, low latency 10Gbps Intel fiber NICs and 100% SSD storage. We also offer 24/7 technical support from our experienced team.

We're thrilled to expand our offerings in Latin America. Learn more about our Bogotá VPS hosting plans, access looking glass links and find our test IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Get started today!