Hallway of a foor of the data center in Equinix PA2 Paris
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Updated at: 21/04/2023

10Gbps Upgrade Works in Paris successfully completed - EDIS Global’s “TenGig Year” - Investing in Quality Products & Services Worldwide

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Traffic Upgrades in Asia in Q1/2023


EDIS Global, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure solutions, is making waves in the tech industry with its massive wave of upgrades this "TenGig Year". The company has recently announced major upgrades to its KVM plans in Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, as well as VPS host nodes in St. Denis, Paris, France. These upgrades are part of EDIS Global's commitment to providing the very best quality products and services to its customers and investing in future platforms and markets worldwide.

Back in February 2023, EDIS quadrupled the included amounts of traffic for its KVM plans in Singapore and Tokyo, while increasing the traffic for Hong Kong plans twofold. This move ensured that all Asian plans were adjusted to EDIS international standards. By doing so, EDIS Global has proven its dedication to providing excellent value for money to its customers.

Hallway of a foor of the data center in Equinix PA2 Paris
Colourful graffiti on the walls of the hallways of the Paris Equinix PA2 datacenter resembling classic Parisian buildings

TenGig Upgrades in Paris, France


April 20, 2023, EDIS team from Belgium arrived to Paris. Cars are packed with boxes full of network adapters, cables, tools and spare parts to carry out upgrade works that have been planned in January.

Today, April 21, 2023, was an early morning for all team members. Operations team members in Graz (Austria) organizing the controlled shutdown of services while the team on site proceeded from the hotel to EQUINIX PA2 at around 04:00am in order not to waste a minute of time. All the hardware-related upgrades were meticulously planned and have been successfully completed within one hour.



Time for a Coffee Break


10:00am the same day, EDIS team announced the successful completion of its VPS host node upgrades in St. Denis, Paris, France to 2x 10Gbps with low-latency Intel 10Gbps network adapters and redundant connections of every node to the backbone infrastructure. This move has greatly improved resilience and throughput, most noticeable for VPN and Proxy service providers, but it also reduced load on the host nodes, reducing our CO2 footprint and improving performance for all customers.

Speedtest by Ookla Server: SERVERD - Paris (id: 49027)
Idle Latency: 0.74 ms (jitter: 0.10ms, low: 0.67ms, high: 0.82ms)
Download: 7251.51 Mbps (data used: 6.8 GB) 3.01 ms
Upload: 6012.06 Mbps (data used: 6.9 GB) 7.94 ms
Packet Loss: 0.0%

Speedtest by Ookla Server: SERVERD - Paris (id: 49027)
Idle Latency: 0.70 ms (jitter: 0.06ms, low: 0.62ms, high: 0.76ms)
Download: 9106.51 Mbps (data used: 7.4 GB) 4.41 ms
Upload: 5969.26 Mbps (data used: 3.4 GB) 4.52 ms
Packet Loss: 0.0%

The team is satisfied. Time for Noisette and a real Parisian croissant.

EQUINIX PA2 datacenter paris coffee vending machines
a wall full of coffee and breakfast vending machines saying "Coffee Break J.O.J.A Distribution Paris"

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