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Updated at: 14/04/2023

Bitcoin VPS - Buy your VPS server with Bitcoin or other Crypto

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Buy VPS Servers in BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE - many other cryptocurrencies accepted

EDIS started accepting crypto payments way back in 2017, when crypto was young – way ahead of the times. Global political developments have made crypto payment acceptance an unavoidable lifesaver!

EDIS uses Coinbase Commerce to clear payments and is delighted to roll out Lightning Network payments soon.

Crypto payments are accepted for VPS and Dedicated Servers in any of our 40+ locations.
Purchase Bitcoin VPS and Bitcoin Dedicated Server from EDIS Global.

Buy VPS with Bitcoin

You can pay for services from any online- or cold wallet.
Purchase Crypto VPS hosting with Bitcoin or any other Crypto Currency.

At the topic of privacy, restrictions and security: TOR traffic is fine but TOR exit notes are not allowed. EDIS does not require KYC formalities and EDIS does allow signup over TOR or proxy server nodes. Any kind of criminal activity is not accepted! Every new signup is reviewed for signs of fraud or criminal intent before provisioning the first service.

For those interested in more technical stuff: EDIS takes particular care about fully GEO-Located services, lowest latency uplinks and makes sure that all VPS come with 100% SSD volumes, loads of bandwidth, TUN/TAP for VPN, hostCPU passthrough, random number generators for fast entropy, ...

EDIS also provides clean .iso images of commonly used Linux distributions for fully automated installation, you can bring your own .iso and boot it in your EDIS KVM. EDIS does not install KVM guest drivers! We want our dear clients to know that there are no backdoors in the OS-images.

Make one of EDIS High performance servers yours now!

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What is Bitcoin VPS hosting?

Bitcoin VPS hosting refers to a VPS hosting or shared hosting service where the payment for the hosting plan is made using Bitcoin, a popular digital cryptocurrency. In this type of hosting, the hosting provider accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment, allowing users to purchase and maintain their virtual private server (VPS) using Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin VPS hosting offers the same features and functionality as traditional VPS hosting services. It provides users with a virtual server that runs its own operating system and has allocated resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage. Users have full control over their server and can install and configure software applications, host websites, run online services, or engage in other computing activities on virtual servers.

The main difference with Bitcoin VPS hosting solutions is the payment method. By accepting Bitcoin or other common crypto currencies like Ether or LTC, hosting providers cater to users who prefer to use cryptocurrency for various reasons, such as privacy, security, and decentralization. Bitcoin transactions offer a degree of anonymity and can bypass traditional banking systems, making them attractive to individuals and businesses involved in cryptocurrencies.

It's important to note that Bitcoin VPS hosting is just a payment method and does not directly affect the performance or features of the VPS hosting service itself. Users can expect all the benefits and features like Linux VPS/Windows Server and the same choice of operating systems as with other payment methods.

EDIS does accept bitcoin payments for Dedicated Server hosting solution too.

High-Performance Hardware and Cheap VPS Servers

EDIS Global's VPS servers solutions come at an affordable price point without sacrificing quality on VPS servers. Virtual machine are based on mighty KVM virtualization. Our physical servers (host nodes) are powered by high-performance industry Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers, including Intel Xeon processors, Intel Ethernet adapters, and offer generous amounts of disk space on fast SSD-only storage that ensures optimal performance. EDIS uses random-number generators for fast entropy!

What does crypto mean?

The term "crypto" is a short for "cryptocurrency" or "cryptographic."
In the context of digital currencies, it is most commonly used to refer to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that use cryptography to secure transactions, control the creation of new units, and verify the transfer of assets. They operate on decentralized networks, typically based on blockchain technology, which enables transparency, security, and immutability of transactions.

The prefix "crypto" signifies the cryptographic nature of these digital currencies, emphasizing their reliance on cryptographic algorithms and protocols to ensure privacy, integrity, and security.

Bitcoin Transactions are ...

Permissionless, borderless, censorship-resistant.

Bitcoin provides anonymity, as no identification is required, making it suitable for individuals without access to traditional banking services, those concerned about privacy, and from areas with limited financial infrastructure.

Bitcoin transactions can offer a high level of financial privacy if used carefully.

Bitcoin payments are resistant to censorship, as no entity can obstruct or freeze a transaction of any size.

Bitcoin transactions can occur with remarkable speed, almost matching the pace of data transmission over the Internet and fees can be exceptionally low.

Once a transaction is settled, it becomes irreversible, however, consumer protection measures are still available.

Bitcoin transactions are conducted online and accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.