VPS USA, USA VPS Server Hosting in New York (NY)
View from New Jersey over the Hudson River to Manhattan
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VPS USA, Buy USA VPS, Hosting in New York

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VPS USA, Buy USA VPS hosting in New York


Experience the power and reliability of EDIS Globals VPS USA server hosting plans in the New York metropolitan area. Our VPS USA hosting features next-generation Intel® CPUs, fiber Intel® Ethernet NICs and guarantees exceptional performance and flexibility. Benefit from the proximity to the American financial services and Electronic Trading Ecosystems, gaining a competitive edge in your industry. With our New York based, United States VPS hosting, you'll enjoy faster connections to Europe and within the United States, expanding your reach to global markets.

Available plans
1 GB15 GB1 1 TB2x 1 Gbps
2 GB20 GB1 2 TB2x 1 Gbps
4 GB45 GB1 4 TB2x 1 Gbps
4 GB45 GB2 4 TB2x 1 Gbps
6 GB75 GB1 6 TB2x 1 Gbps
6 GB75 GB2 6 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 10 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 10 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 20 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 20 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 30 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 30 TB2x 1 Gbps

Live Speedtest VPS Server USA - New York

Test IP Addresses:



Speedtest URLs:

Data Center:

EQUINIX, 755 Secaucus Rd, Secaucus, NY

GPS Coordinates:

40.77859, -74.06935

Highlights of EDIS VPS SERVER USA - New York and KVM Platform

Fastest Intel® Server Processors
Intel® Ethernet Network adapters
Lowest latency SSD storage
Scalable DDR4 RAM
CPU Passthrough, (Intel® AES-NI, SSE, AVX)
Add up to 10 additional IPv4 addresses
Reverse PTR delegation (rDNS)
Auto-installer for common Linux distribution
Auto-installer for Windows Server (trial)
Bring your own .ISO
Optional VLAN within a server location
Live Hybrid Support & Knowledge base

Fully Geolocated VPS USA hosting


Discover the potential of our cutting-edge VPS USA hosting and American enterprise network in the heart of New York City. Our New York VPS servers are strategically positioned within the renowned Equinix New York data centre, which serves the world's largest financial, media and enterprise companies. All EDIS Global USA VPS IP addresses are exclusively assigned to this geographic location, thanks to our seamless integration with Google and other GEO-IP providers. With our VPS hosting service in New York, you'll experience uninterrupted connectivity to local USA services, providing businesses with an exceptional user experience and robust connections to global markets. Embrace the power of our geolocated servers and unleash unparalleled performance from our New York hub at EDIS Global.



Full root access on USA VPS hosting


Unlock the full potential of your hosting solution with a Linux VPS in New York, USA, offered by EDIS Global. Gain complete control, security, and flexibility with our VPS plans, providing full root access for effortless installation of hosting control panels and software. Customize your hosting environment to align with your unique requirements and experience unrivaled performance with our VPS hosting in New York.

At EDIS Global, we prioritize transparency, reliability, and delivering exceptional service. Our cost-effective VPS solutions in New York offer seamless scalability, secure data management, and consistent performance, catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who trust EDIS Global for their VPS requirements and enjoy the freedom to control and tailor your virtual server to meet your exact specifications. Contact us today to discover more about our VPS hosting services in New York, USA, and elevate your business to new heights.



How do I get a Proxy USA?


OK, so the question is how to get a US IP address. A USA proxy is good (you can install one on your EDIS Global VPS), but we definitely see advantages of USA VPN over a Proxy. Why? VPNs provide a secure solution because they encrypt data before transmitting it to the internet and a VPN not only works for web traffic, but also for email, voip, messengers, and many other services.

Below you find 3 easy steps how to create your USA VPN to obtain your own USA IP address and be safe.


  1. Sign up for an USA Virtual Private Server (VPS)

  2. Install Wireguard VPN (Easy Guide available)

  3. Access your US site like you normally would


How to Setup Wireguard VPN


EDIS Global offers an easy setup process for Wireguard VPN. Follow the steps in our article.



Summary of VPS USA features


Linux and Windows operating system of your choice. Access via SSH or RDP, Guaranteed Resources. Generous amounts of traffic. Full Control KVM VPS Panel (start, stop, restart, reinstall, VNC console, auto-installer, PTR delegation, custom .iso upload, daily traffic statistics, CPU statistics, KVM-specific driver settings, vLAN settings, API access (REST API)), upgrade to the next tier via KVM administration panel, Traffic Pool feature available.

24/7/365 Technical Support email, chat, Telegram, WhatsApp
Not setup fees
Instant delivery
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Personal Customer Care from our Hybrid Support Team

New York Windows VPS hosting with SSD storage


First and foremost, it's important to note that each of EDIS Global Cloud Servers (VPS) is capable of running both Linux and Windows Server operating systems. The choice is entirely yours, giving you the freedom to install and switch between operating systems whenever you desire. Immerse yourself in a user-friendly virtual machine hosting service that offers efficient server management through our Microsoft Windows VPS hosting in New York, USA. Leave behind the complexities and embrace simplicity with our New York VPS hosting plans, which provide access via the Microsoft Remote Desktop RDP interface and EDIS Global's intuitive VPS control panel.

Accessing your Windows installation on an EDIS Global New York VPS server is effortless and stress-free. Designed specifically for businesses relying on Microsoft applications, our Windows VPS hosting ensures extensive compatibility and support for productivity tools like Microsoft Office, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal performance. By selecting our Windows VPS hosting in New York, you unlock the power of reliable performance, complete compatibility with the Microsoft ecosystem, and access to a wide range of compatible applications. Trust EDIS Global to provide the perfect platform for all your hosted services.

Buy a cheap EDIS Global USA Virtual Private Server with instant delivery; use your Windows Servers for VPN, proxy server, telephony, conferencing or to get back full control over your shared hosting.



Affordable VPS Plan. Buy USA VPS


Check out our most affordable vps hosting plan, starting at only 4.99 a month. KVM Smart comes with a stunning 1TB of traffic and you get additional 1 month free on annual payments.



Looking for the Best USA VPS Server?


You've found what you're looking for. EDIS Global offers the best USA VPS Server. Redundant 100% SSD storage, generous amounts of bandwidth and exceptional, personal customer support with Live Chat.



Trading in New York


If you're looking to trade in New York, our top-tier New York VPS hosting solution are exactly what you are after.


As one of the world's most important hubs for international trade and finance, having a trading VPS in New York is crucial for any forex or crypto trader.


Enjoy minimal latency and lightning-fast performance, giving you an edge over the competition and increasing your chances of success. Upgrade to EDIS Global's New York VPS today and experience the difference yourself!



Pay with Bitcoin

EDIS Bitcoin VPS (we accept crypto)

Ever tried to host a website and got stuck in the muddy waters of poor performance? Imagine if there was a superhero, swooping in with blazing speed and unmatched reliability. That's where VPS USA comes into play.


You might be thinking, "Just another hosting service?" But hear me out...


The beauty of VPS USA lies not only in its power-packed features but also its strategic location - right at the heart of the American financial services! Talk about having Wall Street as your next-door neighbor.


We're talking instant delivery without any setup fees. 99.9% uptime guarantee that never lets you down, powered by next-generation Intel® CPUs for top-notch performance.


Hold on tight... because we've barely scratched the surface!


Table of Contents:


Get Instant Delivery of VPS USA Services


For those seeking a US-based VPS, EDIS Global provides rapid deployment for immediate access. With EDIS Global's instant delivery system, getting your hands on a top-tier VPS is easier and faster than ever.


No more waiting around or dealing with complicated setup procedures. Simply choose your preferred package and let us do all the work. From EUR 4.99/month, we offer unbeatable value without any hidden costs - that means zero setup fees.


Achieve Your Goals Faster


In today's fast-paced digital world, every second counts. You can't afford to wait days for your server to be ready – especially when you have projects that need immediate attention.


This is where our instant delivery service shines brightly like a beacon in the dark night of delay-ridden services elsewhere. Once payment has been confirmed, our team gets straight into action setting up your US-based VPS instantly.


Flexible Options at Unbeatable Prices


We understand that not everyone requires identical resources for their unique projects - so why should they pay identical prices? Our flexible packages start from just EUR 4.99/month offering excellent value.


You get full control over what you want from your VPS hosting plan, whether it’s CPU power or SSD storage capacity - ensuring that there are no wasted resources nor overspending involved.


No Setup Fees – Just Simple Pricing


While many hosting providers lure customers with seemingly low prices, they often conceal setup fees in the fine print. But at EDIS Global, we believe in complete transparency and simplicity.


This means no hidden charges or surprise costs - just simple pricing that starts from EUR 4.99/month. No need to stress over any additional setup expenses, so you can quickly get your ventures going.


Personalized Support Whenever You Need It


We're not just about delivering top-tier VPS services, we also take great pride in our standout customer care. Our 'Hybrid Support Team' is always ready to lend a hand.

Key Takeaway:   


Need a VPS in the USA? EDIS Global makes it simple. Their instant delivery lets you get your premium server fast and hassle-free. Say goodbye to long waits and tricky setups - just pick your plan starting at EUR 4.99/month, no hidden charges. Plus, enjoy custom options designed for you, clear pricing with zero setup fees, and round-the-clock support whenever you need.


Enjoy Uptime Guarantee of 99.9%


Rely on our uptime guarantee of 99.9% for your VPS USA services in the New York metropolitan area. That's almost as reliable as sunrise. We strive to ensure your online presence is uninterrupted, and we have the data-driven evidence of our 99.9% uptime guarantee in the New York metropolitan area to back it up.


This impressive uptime record is not just a random figure; it has been carefully calculated based on our past performance data. It reflects the rigorous work we put into maintaining our servers and network infrastructure for optimal functionality. To get a better understanding of what this means, let’s break down the concept of server uptime.


A Deep Dive into Server Uptime


In short, 'uptime' is the amount of time a server stays running without any downtime or disruption from repairs or technical issues.


The industry standard for high-quality hosting providers typically hovers around 99%, but at EDIS Global, we go beyond that threshold with our whopping 99.9% guaranteed uptime for all users availing themselves of our VPS USA services.


Rigorous Infrastructure Management: Our Secret Sauce.


We owe this stellar performance primarily to meticulous infrastructure management practices — think regular system checks and preventive measures taken by dedicated tech teams who monitor every nook and cranny within our systems round-the-clock. Understanding server fundamentals can provide more insight into these processes if you’re interested in learning more about them.


Your Benefits from High Uptime


What does that 99.9% availability guarantee give you? Well, firstly it means your website or application will be accessible to visitors virtually all the time.


Secondly, high availability is crucial in maintaining user trust and satisfaction. Nothing frustrates a visitor more than finding a site offline when they need it most.


Achieving This Uptime: A Team Effort


Keeping uptime levels this high isn't just luck. It's

Key Takeaway:   


Trust in our 99.9% uptime guarantee for your VPS USA services, almost as reliable as the sunrise. This figure isn't random - it's a testament to rigorous server and network maintenance efforts that ensure you're always up and running. With us, high availability means visitor satisfaction, thanks to meticulous infrastructure management practices.


Benefit from Proximity to American Financial Services


When you think of the global financial hub, what's the first city that comes to mind? For many, it's New York City. That's where our VPS USA services come into play. With servers located in the heart of this bustling metropolis, we give your business a front-row seat to the action.


The advantage isn't just symbolic; it’s about speed and connectivity too. Close proximity means lower latency for data transfer – a critical factor when milliseconds can make all the difference between profit and loss in high-speed electronic trading ecosystems.


Financial Data at Your Fingertips


We're not talking metaphorically here; with EDIS Global VPS USA service you’re virtually next door to Wall Street. You get faster access to real-time market updates and economic news before they ripple out across other parts of the globe. Electronic Trading Ecosystems, such as Forex markets or Cryptocurrency exchanges thrive on speed - ours is designed specifically with these needs in mind.


This setup allows forex traders using automated trading systems (like MetaTrader 4/5) or algorithmic trading strategies, as well as crypto miners looking for an edge over their competition, benefit enormously from our offerings.


Safeguard Your Business Interests


Your assets are safe with us. We adhere strictly to U.S cybersecurity standards. So while your digital transactions are racing through cyberspace at lightning speeds courtesy of low-latency connections, rest assured they're also under the watchful eyes of robust security protocols.


We've got your back with reliable uptime and data protection measures. These safeguards help to ensure that you won't lose valuable trading time due to unexpected server downtime or a sudden loss of stored data.


Stay Connected, Stay Ahead


In today's rapidly evolving world, staying connected is essential. And being physically close to where the action is gives you an undeniable edge. That's why we provide VPS USA services in the New York metropolitan area - so you can trade faster, respond quicker, and stay ahead of market trends before they become yesterday’s news.


Being close to American financial services and electronic trading can really make a difference.

Key Takeaway:   


Our VPS USA services place your business right in the heart of New York City, giving you faster access to real-time market updates and a crucial edge in high-speed trading. You're not just close to Wall Street; you're virtually next door. With our robust security protocols and reliable uptime, your digital transactions are both swift and safe.


Enjoy Next-Generation Intel® CPUs


If you're looking for a VPS USA service with top-tier performance, EDIS Global's use of next-generation Intel® CPUs is just the ticket. These powerhouses ensure smooth operations and efficient processing for your virtual private server.


These CPUs are capable of managing even the most complex tasks with ease due to their sophisticated design, which boosts data handling capacity considerably. This can be attributed to their advanced architecture which enhances data handling capabilities significantly. But don't just take our word for it, Intel themselves have detailed information on their latest generation processors.


Faster Processing Speeds


One significant advantage that comes with using next-gen Intel® CPUs in our servers is faster processing speeds. Your applications run more efficiently because they process instructions quicker.


This means less waiting time between commands and responses from your server, leading to better user experiences when accessing services or websites hosted on your VPS.


Incredible Multi-Core Performance


Another key feature that makes these chips stand out is their multi-core technology. With multiple cores working together, they allow simultaneous execution of numerous processes without any hiccups.


Your virtual private server becomes an all-round performer capable of multitasking effectively thanks to this aspect - running several programs concurrently while maintaining optimum speed and efficiency isn’t a problem at all.


Better Power Efficiency


The improved energy efficiency seen in these new generation processors shouldn’t go unnoticed either. They are designed not only for speed but also mindful usage of power resources; thus contributing towards cost-effective hosting solutions without compromising performance levels.


This makes our VPS USA services not just powerful but also cost-effective, an essential aspect when choosing a hosting solution. It's the perfect balance of performance and power efficiency.


Enhanced Security Features


Last but certainly not least, these CPUs come packed with advanced security features. They offer robust protection against potential cyber threats ensuring your data is kept safe while being processed on the server.


Essentially, these CPUs provide a sense of tranquility.

Key Takeaway:   


EDIS Global's VPS USA service is powered by next-gen Intel® CPUs, offering you top-tier performance and efficient processing. You'll enjoy faster speeds, impressive multi-core capabilities for smooth multitasking, and advanced security features to keep your data safe. Plus, these power-efficient chips make our hosting solutions cost-effective without compromising on performance.


Get 100% SSD Drives (Fast Storage)


Experience fast storage with 100% SSD drives for your VPS USA services in the New York metropolitan area.


Speed is crucial in the world of Virtual Private Servers (VPS). That's why at EDIS Global, we've equipped our VPS USA services with 100% SSD drives. Think of these like a sports car for your data. They're fast, reliable, and ready to take your server performance to new heights.


You might ask - why does speed matter so much? Well, it directly impacts the user experience on your website or application. The faster your server can retrieve and deliver data, the smoother things run for everyone involved.


The Power Behind SSDs


Rather than relying on moving parts, Solid State Drives (SSDs) use flash memory to store data, eliminating the risk of mechanical failure and data loss. There are no moving parts inside an SSD. It uses flash memory to store information which means there’s less chance of mechanical failure and data loss. Plus, it provides quicker access times than HDDs because they don't need time to 'spin up' before accessing files.


This type of storage system allows you more freedom when managing high-traffic websites or resource-intensive applications. And who doesn't love having extra flexibility?


Faster Speed Equals Better Performance


We all know that nobody likes waiting around – especially not online users. When you choose our VPS USA service equipped with 100% SSD drives in the New York metropolitan area, EDIS Global guarantees rapid load times that keep users happy while helping boost SEO rankings too.


A faster loading site also helps reduce bounce rates as visitors won’t get frustrated by slow page loads causing them to leave prematurely. Mobile users abandon pages that take longer than three seconds to load over half the time, as Google reports. That's not a lot of time, folks.


More Storage Space


The last thing you want is for your server space to run out when you need it the most. SSD drives are known for their high capacity, giving you ample room to store all your crucial data.



Key Takeaway:   


When it comes to your VPS USA services, speedy storage is key. That's why EDIS Global exclusively uses 100% SSD drives - think of them as sports cars for your data. They're quick, dependable and supercharge server performance. Unlike the traditional HDDs with moving parts, SSDs provide faster access times and minimize risk of mechanical breakdown or loss of data. The outcome? An enhanced user experience.


Receive Personal Customer Care from Our Hybrid Support Team


When it comes to VPS USA services, one crucial aspect often overlooked is customer support. But with EDIS Global, you can expect personalized help that's ready whenever you need it.


The backbone of our client care is the "Hybrid Support Team". This squad isn't just a call center full of random folks reading off a script; they're professionals trained in all aspects of virtual private server (VPS) hosting.


What Makes Our Support 'Hybrid'?


You might be asking yourself what we mean by 'hybrid'. It’s simple: We combine both human and automated elements to give the best possible service. The result? You get faster responses and more accurate solutions.


We believe this hybrid model represents the future of customer service because it brings together the best of both worlds - people's expertise and technology efficiency.


Your Issues Resolved Faster Than Ever Before


No matter how reliable your VPS provider may be, issues are bound to occur at some point. And when they do happen, time becomes your enemy. Every second wasted on resolving these problems could cost money or even customers.


This is where our hybrid approach shines bright – not only will our team fix any technical hiccups quickly but also ensure such glitches don’t repeat themselves thanks to machine learning algorithms monitoring 24/7 for patterns indicating potential trouble spots. Learn more about how we can help you with your unique needs here.


Tailored Help For Your Unique Needs


In an era where generic advice seems to have become normative in the customer service industry, we're pushing back. We understand that every business is distinct, with its own individual requirements.


Our hybrid support team doesn't just provide answers to your questions; they offer personalized advice tailored to help you get the most out of your VPS USA services. You don’t have to navigate through complex technicalities alone – our team will guide you each step of the way.


We Speak Your Language


But, dealing with international tech companies can often bring about significant challenges like language barriers.

Key Takeaway:   


Look forward to a 'Hybrid Support Team' at EDIS Global, offering personalized help 24/7 with their VPS USA services. They're more than just call center staff; they're professionals skilled in VPS hosting. Their unique blend of human expertise and automation ensures quick, precise fixes for your problems. Plus, they give advice tailored to your specific business needs rather than generic solutions.


FAQs in Relation to Vps Usa


What is VPS USA?


VPS USA is a Virtual Private Server service located in the United States. It provides dedicated resources on a shared server, giving users control and flexibility without needing to invest in physical hardware.


What is VPS used for?


A VPS can host websites, run applications, store data securely or even be used as game servers. Essentially it's an affordable way to get many of the benefits of owning your own server.


Are VPS legal?


Yes, using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is perfectly legal. But remember that what you do with it must comply with local laws and terms of service.


What is EDIS Global company?


EDIS Global, an international hosting provider known for their top-tier services including high-performance virtual private servers (VPS), web hosting and more all around the globe.




What a journey, right?


We've explored the superhero of hosting services - VPS USA. From its instant delivery and zero setup fees to the 99.9% uptime guarantee that keeps your website up and running.


Not forgetting those next-generation Intel® CPUs offering top-notch performance. And hey, remember how we talked about proximity? Your virtual office right beside Wall Street! That's convenience on another level.


You can't ignore fast storage either, with our 100% SSD drives for quick data access.


To cap it all off, you get personalized customer care from our Hybrid Support Team because your satisfaction is our priority!


All this comes together to give you an unmatched hosting experience in the heart of New York metropolitan area with EDIS Global’s VPS USA services...


Pretty awesome isn’t it?

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