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UK VPS Hosting in London - Fast and Reliable Servers

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Available Plans of VPS Servers in United Kingdom, London City


When it comes to VPS UK, there is a multitude of factors to consider for optimal performance and security. Explore the benefits of choosing EDIS Global data centre and server technology for VPS hosting services in the United Kingdom.


Choose from a variety of UK VPS server plans in London, offered by EDIS Global:

Available plans
1 GB15 GB1 1 TB2x 1 Gbps
2 GB20 GB1 2 TB2x 1 Gbps
4 GB45 GB1 4 TB2x 1 Gbps
4 GB45 GB2 4 TB2x 1 Gbps
6 GB75 GB1 6 TB2x 1 Gbps
6 GB75 GB2 6 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 10 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 10 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 20 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 20 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 30 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 30 TB2x 1 Gbps

Customize any plan at checkout with:

Up to 10 additional IPv4 addresses

1 IPv4 = €5 /mo

Up to 24 GB additional RAM

1 GB RAM = €5 /mo

Up to 6 additional vCPU cores

1 vCPU = €10 /mo

Speedtest VPS Hosting United Kingdom (London, City)

Test IP Addresses:



Speedtest URLs:

Data Center:

Centurylink/Level 3, 260-262 Goswell Road, Angel, London, EC1V 7EB

GPS Coordinates:

51.52847, -0.100639

Highlights EDIS Global VPS Hosting United Kingdom (London, City)

Powered by rapid Intel® Server Processors
Intel® Ethernet Network adapters
Ultra-responsive SSD storage
Scalable DDR4 RAM
CPU features: Intel® AES-NI, SSE, AVX
Dedicated IP address
Up to 10 additional IPv4 addresses
Reverse PTR delegation (rDNS)
One-click install for popular Linux versions
Quick setup for Windows Server (180-day trial)
Bring your own .ISO or .QCOW2
Optional VLAN within a server location
Live 24x7 support & extensive knowledge base
Human/AI Hybrid Support Team
We speak your language
Traffic Pool feature
Upgradeable: add up to 8 vCPU cores
Cloud-Init compatible OS images

Experience High Performance VPS UK Hosting with EDIS Global


When it comes to VPS UK, there is a multitude of factors to consider for optimal performance and security. In this article, we will delve into the advantages offered by EDIS Global's VPS hosting services in the United Kingdom (London City and London Docklands VPS are available).


We will explore how their secure data protection measures ensure that your sensitive information remains safe while maintaining high-performance levels. Additionally, we'll discuss the importance of having 24/7 support for your UK-based virtual private server (VPS) and how EDIS Global meets these demands.


Finally, learn about scalable solutions tailored to suit your specific needs as well as affordable pricing options available with EDIS Global's VPS UK offerings. Furthermore, discover the benefits of fully geo-located IP addresses provided by this reputable hosting service provider.


Table of Contents:


Get Reliable and Affordable VPS Hosting in London with EDIS Global


For reliable and affordable VPS hosting in London, EDIS Global is the perfect choice. Look no further than EDIS Global, the best choice for VPS hosting in London.


Our UK VPS plans are designed to provide the best uptime of 99.9%, ensuring your website or application is always up and running smoothly.


Choose from a wide range of Linux and Windows options, with full root access on Linux and Windows Administrator RDP access on Windows servers.


EDIS Global offers various cheap UK VPS plans, suitable for different needs, including:

  • KVM Smart: Ideal for small websites or personal projects.
  • KVM Advanced: Perfect for businesses that require more resources.
  • KVM Premium: Designed for high-traffic websites or applications with demanding resource requirements.

EDIS Global offers VPS 2 locations in London. One in the City, the other one in Canary Wharf (Docklands).


All our plans come with SSD storage to ensure optimal performance at all times.


Opt for either Linux or Windows operating systems on our KVMVPS to have total authority over your server setup.


Our 24/7 expert support team is ready to help with any queries or issues you may have while using our services.


So why wait? Get started today by choosing one of our affordable yet powerful UK VPS hosting solutions.



High Performance UK VPS Hosting


Experience lightning-fast UK VPS hosting from EDIS Global, with low latency connections and blazing speeds for optimal application performance.

  • Low Latency Connections: Our strategically located data centers in London guarantee low latency connections for UK and European users, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.
  • Blazing Speeds: Our servers are equipped with powerful processors and SSD storage drives, delivering faster speeds than traditional HDD-based systems for quicker load times and improved website performance.
  • Dedicated Resources: Each VPS plan comes with dedicated CPU cores, RAM, and storage space, ensuring consistent performance even during peak traffic periods.

Our UK VPS hosting packages also offer instant provisioning, full root access, and a user-friendly control panel for easy management, making it the perfect choice for Linux specialists, IT professionals, and VPN providers.


Choose EDIS Global for high-performance UK VPS hosting that delivers the speed and reliability you need.


24/7 Support for Your UK VPS Hosting


Get 24/7 support for your UK VPS hosting from EDIS Global, so you can get help whenever you need it.


Our staff is always available to respond to inquiries or provide aid when necessary, guaranteeing your server operates optimally.

  • Email Support: Reach out to us via email with any concerns or issues related to your VPS hosting, and our team will respond promptly.
  • Live Chat: Get real-time assistance through our live chat feature on the website.
  • Knowledge Base: Browse through our extensive knowledge base filled with articles, guides, and tutorials covering various aspects of VPS management and troubleshooting.

Our dedicated support team is available 24/7. Choose EDIS Global for reliable UK VPS hosting solutions backed by exceptional customer service every step of the way.


Scalable Solutions for Your UK VPS Hosting Needs


Upgrade or downgrade your server resources with ease when you choose EDIS Global for your UK VPS hosting needs.

  • Flexible Upgrades: Easily increase RAM, CPU power, or storage space with EDIS Global's seamless process.
  • No Downtime: Upgrading or downgrading won't affect your website or applications.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: Choose from a range of affordable plans to fit your technical requirements and budget constraints.

EDIS Global also provides an easy-to-use control panel for managing all aspects of your VPS hosting account, including resource usage, backups, and security settings.


Our expert support team is available 24/7 via live chat and email to guide you through every step of adjusting resources according to current demands while maintaining optimal performance levels.


Affordable UK VPS Hosting Plans for Your Business


Get the best value for your money with EDIS Global's affordable UK VPS hosting plans, designed to cater to various budgets and requirements. Our VPS can do both Windows and Linux!

  • Linux VPS: Enjoy full root access on our Linux-based UK VPS hosting plans starting from € 4.99 per month, with multiple distributions to choose from.
  • Windows VPS: Install Windows Server operating systems on our UK VPS hosting plans starting at only € 4.99 per month, with full Administrator RDP access included.

Our transparent billing policies ensure no hidden fees or surprise charges, so you know exactly what you're paying for each month.


Follow us on social media platforms like Twitter to stay updated on our special discounts, and save even more on your UK VPS hosting plan.


Fully Geo-Located IP Addresses


EDIS Global stands out from other VPS hosting providers with its fully geo-located IP addresses, assigning your server an IP address that corresponds with its physical location for optimal performance and connectivity.


When you buy a VPS in the UK, your server will be assigned an IP address that corresponds with its physical location in London.

  • Improve search engine rankings by targeting specific geographic regions.
  • Comply with data protection regulations by keeping data within certain jurisdictions.
  • Achieve faster load times and better user experience for local visitors due to reduced latency.
  • Easily manage multiple servers across different countries while maintaining consistent network configurations.

Our global infrastructure offers servers in over 48 countries worldwide, allowing you to expand your online presence into new markets without worrying about complicated networking setups or dealing with multiple service providers.


Visit our website at www.edisglobal.com to learn more about how fully geo-located IP addresses can benefit your business and improve the overall performance of your web applications.


FAQs in Relation to VPS UK


Benefits of a VPS


A VPS offers increased performance, flexibility, and security compared to shared hosting, with dedicated resources for optimized website performance and full control over server configurations and software installations.




A VPN encrypts your internet connection for security and accessing geo-restricted content, while a VPS is an isolated virtual environment for hosting websites or applications with dedicated resources for improved performance and control.


VPS vs Cloud


Choosing between a VPS and cloud hosting depends on your specific needs, with a VPS offering lower costs and more customization, but lacking scalability compared to cloud hosting solutions that provide instant resource scaling based on demand.




Looking for top-notch VPS hosting in the UK? Check out EDIS Global - their high-performance, secure, and scalable solutions are perfect for Linux specialists, IT professionals, and VPN providers.


Plus, with fully geo-located IP addresses and affordable pricing options, you can trust EDIS Global to meet all of your business requirements.


And if you ever need support, their 24/7 team is always available to help you out - no worries there!


So why wait? Choose EDIS Global for reliable VPS hosting that won't let you down.