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Overlooking the Moskva River and the City of Moscow
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VPS Russia - Buy Russia VPS Hosting, Moscow

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VPS Russia, Cheap Russia VPS Hosting Moscow

VPS в Москве, vps россия

Experience the power and reliability of EDIS Global's VPS hosting in Moscow, Russia. Our Russia VPS hosting in Moscow features advanced Intel® CPUs and high-speed Intel® Ethernet NICs, guaranteeing outstanding performance and flexibility. Whether you prefer Linux or Windows operating systems, we have you covered. Enjoy the fastest connections within Moscow and across the entire Russian territory right from the heart of the city.

Available plans
1 GB15 GB1 1 TB2x 1 Gbps
2 GB20 GB1 2 TB2x 1 Gbps
4 GB45 GB1 4 TB2x 1 Gbps
4 GB45 GB2 4 TB2x 1 Gbps
6 GB75 GB1 6 TB2x 1 Gbps
6 GB75 GB2 6 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 10 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 10 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 20 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 20 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 30 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 30 TB2x 1 Gbps

Live Speedtest VPS Server Russia - Moscow (Москва)

Test IP Addresses:



Speedtest URLs:

Data Center:

Proezd Nauchniy, d. 20, 117246 Moscow

GPS Coordinates:

55.6543, 37.5556

Highlights of EDIS VPS SERVER Russia - Moscow (Москва) and KVM Platform

Fastest Intel® Server Processors
Intel® Ethernet Network adapters
Lowest latency SSD storage
Scalable DDR4 RAM
CPU Passthrough, (Intel® AES-NI, SSE, AVX)
Add up to 10 additional IPv4 addresses
Reverse PTR delegation (rDNS)
Auto-installer for common Linux distribution
Auto-installer for Windows Server (trial)
Bring your own .ISO
Optional VLAN within a server location
Live Hybrid Support & Knowledge base

Russian VPS Server with complete geographic location specification


When you choose EDIS Global VPS hosting Russia, you can rest assured that Russian VPS are fully geo-located with Google. This means that our Russia VPS hosting service is physically located in Russia, and its IP address is associated with this location. This allows you to provide region-specific services or content. Additionally, we offer automated installation routines with VPS hosting that make it fast and easy to set up your new VPS server.

Great choice! When you choose EDIS Global for your VPS hosting needs in Russia, you can rest assured that you'll be getting a powerful and reliable virtual private server.

At EDIS Global, we provide reliable and scalable VPS server, supported by our team of experienced professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. The thought might feel strange, but we try to serve every customer like he would be our one and only client. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, our VPS servers in Russia offer the perfect hosting solution for your business needs. We offer flexible pricing plans to suit any budget, so you can choose the plan that works best for you.



Geo-Located Russia VPS with Russian IP Address


EDIS Global Russian VPS hosting plans are provisioned on infrastructure in Moscow that is precisely geolocated with matching servers and IP addresses. This makes it an ideal choice for VPN providers and global market observers.



Microsoft Windows VPS Russia Server Hosting


Microsoft Remote Desktop provides a user-friendly interface for easy server management, making Windows VPS an ideal choice even for non-technical users.

EDIS Global's Windows Russia VPS are designed to support a wide variety of software and applications, including popular productivity tools like Microsoft Office. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that heavily depend on Microsoft applications.



Expanding your knowledge, Learning new skills


A Russia-based Linux VPS server offers a wealth of career opportunities in web application development for those with a keen interest in software development and programming. Benefit from the proximity and speed of the host in Moscow, the flexibility to explore new technologies at your own pace, with the added convenience of resetting and starting over from scratch at any time with just a touch of a button.



Cheap Russia VPS Hosting Plans


Discover our most budget-friendly Russia VPS hosting plans, starting at just 4.99 per month. Introducing KVM Smart, this plan offers an impressive 1TB of traffic. What's more, when you opt for annual payments, you'll receive an extra month absolutely free. Don't miss out on this incredible offer which is valid in all EDIS Global data centers.

Moscow Game Server Hosting


EDIS Global provides cheap Linux VPS Hosting in Russia, specifically designed to cater to the requirements of gaming websites and applications. Our VPS hosting services in Russia offer low latency network access and high-performance CPUs, making it the perfect choice for hosting your own game servers at an affordable cost. By choosing our VPS hosting, you can provide your players with a seamless and immersive gaming experience.





Web App Testing & Development


If you're looking to test newly developed applications without investing in a Dedicated Server, our Russia VPS Server Offers are an excellent alternative. Our VPS provide an isolated testing environment that can be reinstalled with just one click, allowing you to experiment and fine-tune your applications without breaking the bank and all of this within the borders of Russia.



WordPress Hosting on a fast Russia VPS


Take total control of your server with EDIS Global's Russia VPS Hosting (Linux VPS) in Moscow. Break free from web hosting plan constraints and host your own high-traffic WordPress website. Enjoy complete flexibility and independence to customize your VPS services and server environment, perfectly tailored to meet your website's unique needs. Achieve optimal website performance and control with our Russia-based VPS hosting. Upgrade from your current shared hosting plan and switch to an EDIS Global Moscow Server for a seamless website experience on an ultra-fast virtual machine.



Full root access on Russia VPS hosting


Unleash the full potential of your hosting solution with a Linux VPS in Moscow, Russia, provided by EDIS Global. Take complete control, ensure security, and enjoy flexibility with our VPS plans, which grant full root access for easy installation of hosting control panels and software. Customize your hosting environment to match your unique requirements and experience unmatched performance with our VPS hosting in Moscow.

At EDIS Global, we prioritize transparency, reliability, and exceptional service delivery. Our affordable VPS solutions in Moscow offer seamless scalability, secure data management, and consistent performance, meeting the diverse needs of our clients. Join our satisfied clients who rely on EDIS Global for their VPS needs and enjoy the freedom to control and tailor your virtual server (виртуальные серверы) according to your specific specifications. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our VPS hosting services in Moscow, Russia, and take your business to new heights.


Automated Installations


Choose from a variety of operating systems for your VPS hosting plan, including popular Linux distributions like Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu LTS, as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2016-2022 operating systems with a 180-day trial version, all available for automated installation.



Cheap VPS Russia server with high performance hardware


Our VPS hosting solutions offer high-performance hardware at an affordable price point. All of our machines are equipped with Intel Xeon processors, Intel Ethernet adapters, and SSD-only storage. With a minimum frequency of 2.5 GHz and no overcommitment, you can count on pure speed for all of your computing needs. Our host nodes are equipped with 400GB of RAM or more, ensuring that your applications and websites can run smoothly and efficiently.

Russia VPS:


Premium Russian VPS Hosting Solutions


EDIS Global offers high-quality virtual private servers (VPS) in Russia, providing partners and customers with premium communication channels and minimal ping around the world. With a variety of tariff plans designed to meet different client needs, their Russian VPS hosting solutions are perfect for businesses that require dedicated hosting services, full control over their virtual machines, and advanced features such as KVM virtualization technology.


Variety of Tariff Plans Catering to Diverse Client Requirements

  • VPS servers: EDIS Global provides an array of server options suitable for various business requirements. Their expert team works closely with clients to determine the best fit based on individual preferences.
  • VPS plans: Clients can choose from multiple pricing tiers depending on resource allocation needs like RAM, CPU cores, storage space, bandwidth limits, etc., ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Advanced Features Like KVM Virtualization Technology


KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a potent open source virtualization system which allows users to operate multiple OSs concurrently without sacrificing performance or safety. This feature enables businesses using EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting solutions to take advantage of:

  • Fully isolated environments: Each instance runs independently within its own environment, allowing for better resource management and data protection.
  • Better utilization of resources: The flexibility offered by KVM ensures efficient use of available hardware resources while maintaining top-notch performance levels across all instances hosted on the same physical machine.

In addition to these benefits, EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting solutions are backed by their state-of-the-art data centers and an expert team dedicated to providing exceptional customer support. This ensures that clients can enjoy seamless web hosting experiences with full control over their virtual environments.


If you're looking for a reliable provider of Russian VPS services, consider partnering with EDIS Global for premium resources, instant support, and the flexibility to customize your server configuration as per your business requirements.

Key Takeaway:   

EDIS Global offers premium Russian VPS hosting solutions with various tariff plans catering to diverse client requirements. Their advanced features like KVM virtualization technology ensure fully isolated environments, better utilization of resources and exceptional customer support for a seamless web hosting experience.


Expert Team & Control Panel


EDIS Global has an expert team dedicated to providing exceptional support for its customers. With their extensive experience in web hosting services and managing data centers across multiple locations, EDIS Global's expert team is well-prepared to handle any issues that may arise while using their Russian VPS hosting solutions.


When it comes to control panel options, Microsoft Remote Desktop is a reliable choice for managing your virtual private servers hosted by EDIS Global in Russia or elsewhere around the globe. It allows easy access regardless of your level of experience with this kind of environment, making it an ideal choice for both IT professionals and those who are just beginning their journey into the world of computing technology, such as Linux distributions Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, among others.


With EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of customizable parameters and advanced DDoS protection without compromising on performance or security. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses that require dedicated hosting services with full control over their virtual machines. So why wait? Get started today by choosing one of EDIS Global's vps plans tailored to meet your specific needs.

Key Takeaway:   

EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting solutions offer customizable parameters and DDoS protection to ensure optimal performance and security for businesses operating online. With full control over virtual machines, expert support, and Microsoft Remote Desktop as a reliable control panel option, EDIS Global provides tailored plans to meet specific needs of customers worldwide.


Seamless Access To Geo-blocked Services


A Russian VPS allows clients access to geo-blocked services that are essential for both personal and business use. With infrastructure located precisely in Moscow, matching servers, and IP addresses, you can easily bypass restrictions on popular websites and portals.


Access essential public services like Gosuslugi


Gosuslugi, the Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation, offers a wide range of government-related services such as passport applications or residence permits. By using a Russian VPS hosting solution from EDIS Global, you can access these important resources without any geographical limitations.


Pay utility bills via Mosenergosbyt


Paying apartment utilities like electricity or water bills is made simple with Mosenergosbyt. Thanks to EDIS Global's data centers strategically located in Russia, your virtual private server will provide connectivity to this portal allowing you to manage your utility payments with ease.


Having a Russian VPS also enables businesses operating within the country to maintain their online presence without worrying about potential downtime due to regional network issues. This ensures smooth communication between employees and customers alike while providing an optimal user experience for all parties involved.


Choose from a variety of VPS plans

  • Variety of tariff plans: EDIS Global offers a range of VPS hosting plans designed to cater to different client requirements, ensuring you get the best possible solution for your needs.
  • KVM virtualization technology: With advanced features like KVM virtualization, clients can enjoy full control over their virtual machines and benefit from improved performance and security.

In this interconnected world, having the ability to access services that are geographically restricted is a must for both individual and corporate purposes. By choosing a Russian VPS hosting plan from EDIS Global, you'll be able to maintain an online presence in Russia while enjoying seamless connectivity and premium resources that ensure optimal performance at all times. Don't let geographical restrictions hold you back - explore our range of virtual private servers today.

Key Takeaway:   

EDIS Global offers a range of VPS hosting plans designed to cater to different client requirements in Russia, ensuring seamless connectivity and premium resources that ensure optimal performance at all times. With advanced features like KVM virtualization technology and customizable parameters, clients can enjoy full control over their virtual machines while bypassing geo-blocked services for personal or business use.


Enterprise Hardware & SSD Storage Options


When it comes to hosting your business applications and websites, performance is key. That's why EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting plans are equipped with top-notch enterprise hardware that ensures consistent performance even during peak traffic times. Their advanced Intel® CPUs, coupled with fast Intel® Ethernet NICs, provide the power and speed necessary for optimal server operations.


In addition to high-performance hardware, EDIS Global offers a choice of storage options for their virtual private servers (VPS). One such option is the use of Solid State Drives (SSD), which have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their faster data processing capabilities compared to traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

  • Faster Data Processing: SSDs can access data much quicker than HDDs, resulting in improved overall server performance. This means faster load times for your website or application, leading to better user experiences and potentially higher search engine rankings.
  • Durability: Unlike HDDs, SSDs have no moving parts which make them less prone to mechanical failure. This increased durability translates into more reliable storage solutions for your valuable data.
  • Eco-friendly: Due to their lower power consumption rates compared to HDDs, SSD-based VPS plans contribute towards reducing energy usage and carbon emissions - an important consideration in today's environmentally-conscious world.

Selecting the right combination of enterprise hardware components and storage options plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation of your hosted services on a Russian VPS platform like EDIS Global. By selecting the right combination of hardware and storage components, you can ensure that your VPS hosting plan will provide a reliable and efficient experience to support your business operations.


Expert Team & Full Control


EDIS Global's proficient specialists are accessible to help with any specialized issues or inquiries you may have. With their user-friendly control panel, you have full control over your VPS environment, allowing you to customize your settings and configurations to meet your specific needs.


Web Hosting & Data Centers


EDIS Global's web hosting solutions are underpinned by cutting-edge data centers located in various locations worldwide. With multiple data centers to choose from, you can select the one that is closest to your target audience, ensuring faster load times and better user experiences.


Whether you're an IT professional or just starting out in the world of web hosting, EDIS Global's Russian VPS plans offer a range of options designed to cater to diverse needs. By leveraging their expert team and advanced hardware infrastructure, you'll have full control over your virtual environment - ensuring optimal server performance for all your online endeavors.

Key Takeaway:   

EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting plans are equipped with high-performance enterprise hardware and offer a choice of storage options, including SSDs for faster data processing. With their expert team and user-friendly control panel, clients have full control over their virtual environment to ensure optimal server performance for all online endeavors.


Flexible Operating Systems & Easy Scalability


EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting solutions offer a wide range of operating systems, including popular Linux distributions like Debian or Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems. Clients can pick an OS that works for their particular requirements and inclinations, thanks to EDIS Global's various operating system offerings. Plus, with EDIS Global's expert team, you'll have all the necessary resources and support for seamless server management.


Choose Your OS & Enjoy Full Control

  • Popular Linux distributions: Whether you prefer Debian, Ubuntu, or CentOS, EDIS Global has got you covered. You'll have full control over your virtual private servers with a choice of various operating systems.
  • Easy scalability: As your business grows, so too should your web hosting solution. With EDIS Global's scalable VPS plans, upgrading your server resources is quick and hassle-free.

EDIS Global's flexible VPS plans are tailored to individual client requirements (view pricing here). This makes it easy to scale up as needed without compromising on security or data management efficiency. Whether you're just starting out or managing a well-established website, EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting services can cater to your ever-changing needs.


Seamless Server Management & Expert Support


EDIS Global's expert team is always available to provide top-notch support and resources for seamless server management. With their state-of-the-art control panel and data centers, you can rest assured that your website is in good hands.


Ultimately, the combination of flexible operating systems and easy scalability makes EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting services an excellent choice for businesses looking to maintain full control over their virtual machines while also enjoying the flexibility to grow and adapt as needed. So why wait? Get started with one of their premium VPS plans today.

Key Takeaway:   

EDIS Global's Russian VPS hosting solutions offer a wide range of operating systems, including popular Linux distributions like Debian. With easy scalability and flexible plans tailored to individual client requirements, businesses can maintain full control over their virtual machines while also enjoying the flexibility to grow and adapt as needed. Plus, with expert support from EDIS Global's team, server management is seamless.


FAQs in Relation to Russia Vps


Can Russia use VPN?


Yes, people in Russia can use VPN services, but the government has strict regulations on VPN providers to prevent access to blocked websites and content.


What is the difference between a VPN and a VPS?


A VPN encrypts your internet connection and hides your IP address for secure browsing, while a VPS provides dedicated resources for hosting websites or applications.


Does Russia block websites?


Russia blocks websites promoting extremism, drug abuse, child pornography, gambling, and unauthorized copyrighted material.


What is the Russian censorship law?


The Russian censorship law, also known as Federal Law No. 139-FZ "On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to Their Health", blocks access to specific categories of information deemed inappropriate by authorities.


Source: Library of Congress




Looking for reliable Russia VPS hosting solutions? Look no further than EDIS Global, offering advanced KVM virtualization technology.


With low latency network access and the ability to access geo-blocked services with Russian IP addresses, such as the Госуслуг (gosuslugi.ru) portal or paying apartment utilities through Мосэнергосбыт (mosenergosbyt.ru), EDIS Global's Moscow VPS are excellent option for businesses and consumers alike.


Choose from popular Linux distributions or Windows Server operating systems and enjoy instant one-click installations.