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Romania VPS Hosting, Cheap Linux and Windows VPS

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Romania VPS Hosting, Cheap Bucharest VPS Plans


EDIS Global Romania VPS hosting offers reliable and fast hosting solutions with global reach, high performance, robust security, flexible plans, and 24/7 support. It is an excellent choice for developers, activists, and visionaries.

Available plans
1 GB15 GB1 1 TB2x 1 Gbps
2 GB20 GB1 2 TB2x 1 Gbps
4 GB45 GB1 4 TB2x 1 Gbps
4 GB45 GB2 4 TB2x 1 Gbps
6 GB75 GB1 6 TB2x 1 Gbps
6 GB75 GB2 6 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 10 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 10 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 20 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 20 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 30 TB2x 1 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 30 TB2x 1 Gbps

Customize any plan at checkout with:

Up to 10 additional IPv4 addresses

1 IPv4 = €5 /mo

Up to 24 GB additional RAM

1 GB RAM = €5 /mo

Up to 6 additional vCPU cores

1 vCPU = €10 /mo

Speedtest VPS Hosting Romania (Bucharest)

Test IP Addresses:



Speedtest URLs:

Data Center:

Soseaua Fabrica de Glucoza, Bucharest

GPS Coordinates:

44.4783, 26.118

Highlights EDIS Global VPS Hosting Romania (Bucharest)

Powered by rapid Intel® Server Processors
Intel® Ethernet Network adapters
Ultra-responsive SSD storage
Scalable DDR4 RAM
CPU features: Intel® AES-NI, SSE, AVX
Dedicated IP address
Up to 10 additional IPv4 addresses
Reverse PTR delegation (rDNS)
One-click install for popular Linux versions
Quick setup for Windows Server (180-day trial)
Bring your own .ISO or .QCOW2
Optional VLAN within a server location
Live 24x7 support & extensive knowledge base
Human/AI Hybrid Support Team
We speak your language
Traffic Pool feature
Upgradeable: add up to 8 vCPU cores
Cloud-Init compatible OS images

Ever found yourself caught in the web of slow internet, staring at a buffering screen? Picture this. You're racing against time to submit an important project and your connection is slower than a snail on sedatives. Not ideal, right?


In today's digital age, fast and reliable internet isn't just a luxury - it's as necessary as oxygen for some businesses! But what if I told you there was a solution that could offer super-speedy connectivity with minimum downtime?


Welcome to VPS Romania, your knight in shining armor ready to slay those annoying latency dragons. Here we'll explore how our 24/7 support can be the lifesaver you need when things go awry.


Looking for more reasons why VPS Romania could be your perfect match? Stick around, we've got plenty to share. Next up, the magic of geo-location benefits and...


Table Of Contents:


24/7/365 Support


If you're seeking premier VPS hosting in Romania, your search is over. EDIS Global's support system stands out with its round-the-clock availability - every day of the year. No matter what time zone you're in or when an issue pops up, we've got your back.


We believe that offering help shouldn't be restricted by working hours. After all, websites don't clock off at 5 PM and neither should we. It's like having a trusty friend who’s always there to lend a hand – only this one knows how to fix server issues.


The Importance of Timely Help


Website glitches are as unpredictable as weather patterns; they can strike at any moment. But just like carrying an umbrella on cloudy days prepares us for unexpected rain showers, our constant readiness ensures immediate response to your needs.


A late-night coding session might throw up questions that need quick answers so you can meet those tight deadlines. Or perhaps during the weekend rush hour, your e-commerce site experiences traffic spikes causing performance hiccups? When the clock strikes, our team is here to help - no matter what.


Your Problem is Our Priority


No question is too small or big for us. Whether it's troubleshooting a tricky server issue or guiding through routine maintenance tasks - we consider each query equally important and deserving of attention.


We aim not only to resolve problems but also enlighten users about their cause and prevention measures because knowledge is power after all.


A Personalized Approach


Personalized customer service is more than just a buzzword for us. We understand that each client's needs are unique, so we don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions.


We listen carefully to your issues and tailor our responses accordingly because who likes robotic replies? Our team strives to provide the most relevant advice possible based on individual requirements and circumstances.


Skilled Support Team


At EDIS Global, we believe a support system's strength lies in its team. That's why we've poured resources into hiring seasoned pros with deep knowledge of VPS hosting. Their expertise lets them spot and fix issues fast.

Key Takeaway:   


When it comes to VPS hosting in Romania, EDIS Global has got your back with round-the-clock support every day of the year. Our team is always ready to help you tackle server issues or answer questions - no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on offering personalized service and our skilled pros are committed to giving relevant advice based on your unique needs.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee


EDIS Global knows that every second counts when it comes to your business. We guarantee your business will remain in operation, 24/7.


The cornerstone of our promise? Our 99.9% uptime guarantee for VPS hosting in Romania. This isn't just a number we toss around lightly—it's the backbone of our commitment to you.


Your Business Never Sleeps—And Neither Do We


We get it; downtime can cost more than just lost revenue—it could mean missed opportunities, dissatisfied customers, and damage to your brand reputation. But with EDIS Global, those worries are put to rest.


We make use of high-availability clusters, which help us achieve this high level of reliability by automatically switching workloads between servers if one goes down unexpectedly. This ensures uninterrupted service even during maintenance periods or unforeseen outages.


Maintaining High Standards for Your Peace Of Mind


Our team constantly monitors server performance using advanced tools and protocols designed specifically for preventing downtime before it starts—allowing us to address potential issues swiftly without affecting your operations.

  • A proactive approach helps keep interruptions at bay.
  • Dedicated technical support available round-the-clock.
  • Rapid response times from our highly skilled professionals committed to getting things back on track quickly should anything go wrong.

Beyond The Numbers: What Does 99.9% Uptime Mean For You?

Uptime PercentagePossible Downtime Per Year
99%About 3.65 days
99.9% (Our Guarantee)About 8 hours, 45 minutes

Pulling off this kind of uptime is no walk in the park, let me tell you.


Hybrid Support Team


We take pride in our Hybrid Support Team, providing fast and reliable assistance to customers across Romania around the clock. It's like having a squad of tech-adept superheroes available to you anytime, day or night.


We help customers across Romania by providing personalized support whenever they need it most. But what sets us apart? Let's explore.


The Human Touch


In an age where bots seem to rule customer service, EDIS Global keeps things personal with a team made up of real people who genuinely care about helping users solve their problems quickly and efficiently. We don't just read from scripts; we listen, ask questions and offer tailored solutions based on each individual situation.


Tech Expertise Round-the-Clock


Your online business doesn’t sleep, so neither do we. Our technical gurus are always ready to jump into action when something goes awry - be it day or night, weekday or weekend. That means no more waiting for "business hours" to get that urgent fix needed for your site.


A Blend Of Skills And Experience


Our hybrid approach is not just about availability; it also refers to our blend of skills and expertise. From troubleshooting network issues to managing server configurations – this diverse skill set allows us to manage all aspects related to VPS hosting effectively.


Focused On Customer Satisfaction


You can count on us not only for expert help but also for clear communication throughout every interaction - because nothing beats knowing exactly what’s happening with your servers when issues arise. According to LiveChat’s 2023 Customer Service Report, clear communication is a key factor in achieving high customer satisfaction rates.


Global Reach, Local Knowledge


We may be globally-minded, but we also appreciate the importance of local knowledge. Understanding Romania's unique digital landscape allows us to offer tailored solutions that take into account specific regulations and user preferences.


So, if you're just kicking off your journey on the web,

Key Takeaway:   


Experience peace of mind with our Hybrid Support Team, always ready to help you out - day or night. With real people who listen and offer tailored solutions, we blend tech expertise and a human touch. We don't just understand global digital landscapes; we're also in tune with Romania's unique needs.


Low Latency Network


If you've ever experienced a video call freezing mid-sentence or had to wait for an eternity while your webpage loads, then you know the frustration of high latency. Imagine if we told you there was a way to dodge these annoying delays? Welcome to EDIS Global's low latency network in Romania.


A low latency network is all about speed and efficiency. It ensures quick data transfer between servers and users, giving you real-time interactions without any hiccups. Think of it like taking the highway instead of getting stuck in city traffic; both will get you where you need to go but one does so much faster.


Fully Geo-Located with Google for Maximum Performance


We are proud partners with Google, leveraging their global infrastructure for our VPS hosting services. This partnership lets us give our clients lightning-fast access times by positioning their virtual private servers (VPS) close to user locations – hence 'geo-located'. So no matter where your customers are based, they'll experience swift website load times and smooth operations on applications hosted on our VPS.


The best part? Our fully geo-located service doesn't just benefit those based locally in Romania but extends its speedy benefits globally too. No more worrying about slow speeds when accessing your site from overseas locations.


Tapping into the Power of Low Latency Networks


You might ask why having such fast response time matters?

  • A quicker reaction time means happier users: Slow-loading websites can drive visitors away - even a few seconds delay can be too long for today's internet users. A low latency network keeps your visitors happy and engaged.
  • Boosts SEO ranking: Did you know that page load speed is a factor Google uses in its ranking algorithm? Faster loading pages are favored by search engines, so having a low latency network could help boost your site's visibility.
  • Enhances productivity: If you're hosting applications or tools on the VPS, quicker response times can mean more efficient workflows for your team - less time waiting means more work done.
Key Takeaway:   


Picture this: no more frozen video calls or endless webpage loading. That's the promise of EDIS Global with our speedy, low latency network in Romania. We're all about quick and efficient real-time interactions. In collaboration with Google, we give you rapid access times by placing your VPS near user hotspots for swift website loads.


Geo-Location Benefits


Exploiting the power of geo-location in Romania through VPS hosting can provide significant advantages for your business. Here's why.


A Faster, More Reliable Service


VPS hosting in Romania provides a low latency network due to its geographical location. This results in faster response times and improved reliability.


The close proximity to major European internet exchanges ensures data travels quickly and directly between points, making sure you get maximum performance from your online presence.


Diverse Audience Reach


Romania's strategic location lets businesses target an extensive range of audiences across Europe effectively. With easy access to both Eastern and Western European markets, this gives a broad reach for services or products on offer.

  • This facilitates greater market penetration while maintaining high service levels.

Data Sovereignty Compliance


Data sovereignty is another benefit that comes with using Romanian-based servers. As EU regulations tighten around data privacy and security, keeping your digital assets within compliant borders becomes more important than ever before. Learn about GDPR here.


Fewer Restrictions And Censorship Issues

  • In comparison with other countries like China or Russia where strict internet controls are common, Romania offers less restrictive laws related to internet use.

Better SEO Performance Through Geo-targeting: "Being able to give relevant content according to local language helps businesses connect better with their audience."

By using a Romanian VPS, you can effectively geo-target your content to specific audiences. This will help improve your SEO performance and ultimately boost organic traffic.

Inexpensive Pricing

Romania offers competitive pricing for hosting services compared to other European countries. You can get excellent hosting services at an unbeatable price in Romania.


Increased Security


Wrapping things up, let's not forget how famous Romania is for


FAQs in Relation to Vps Romania


What types of VPS hosting services are available in Romania?


Romania offers a range of VPS hosting options, including managed and unmanaged plans, Windows or Linux OS support, SSD storage solutions, and scalable resources to fit your needs.


How reliable is the VPS hosting service in Romania?


VPS hosting services in Romania boast high reliability due to robust infrastructure. The country provides 99.9% uptime guarantees and comprehensive around-the-clock support for seamless operations.


Are there any additional fees associated with using a VPS server in Romania?


No hidden costs here. You'll only pay for the plan you pick. Just keep an eye on potential overages from increased traffic or resource use beyond your package's limits.


What are the benefits of using a VPS server located in Romania?


A Romanian-based VPS brings faster site loading times due to lower latency networks plus geo-location advantages that improve SEO rankings for businesses targeting European markets.


Is it possible to upgrade my current VPS plan if needed while hosted in Romania?


Absolutely. Flexibility is key; you can scale up based on changing business requirements without major disruptions when hosted on Romanian servers.




So, you've made it to the end of your VPS Romania journey...


You were made aware of our dependable 24/7 assistance that's there whenever you require it. You discovered our iron-clad 99.9% uptime guarantee making sure your business never misses a beat.


We shared how our hybrid team is committed to giving you an exceptional customer experience. We explained why low latency matters and how we optimize performance through geo-location with Google.


And let's not forget about those juicy benefits of a fully geo-located network in Romania!


In short, VPS Romania is more than just hosting - it’s a game-changer for businesses seeking superior speed and reliability online.