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Tel Aviv Beach and skyscrapers
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VPS Israel, Hosting in Tel Aviv

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VPS Israel, Buy Israel VPS Hosting


Available plans
1 GB15 GB1 1 TB2x 10 Gbps
2 GB20 GB1 2 TB2x 10 Gbps
4 GB45 GB1 4 TB2x 10 Gbps
4 GB45 GB2 4 TB2x 10 Gbps
6 GB75 GB1 6 TB2x 10 Gbps
6 GB75 GB2 6 TB2x 10 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 10 TB2x 10 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 10 TB2x 10 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 20 TB2x 10 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 20 TB2x 10 Gbps
8 GB100 GB1 30 TB2x 10 Gbps
8 GB100 GB2 30 TB2x 10 Gbps

Live Speedtest VPS Server Israel - Tel Aviv

Test IP Addresses:



Speedtest URLs:

Data Center:

Tel Aviv, Shacham Data Center Bezeq International

GPS Coordinates:

32.0644, 34.7723

Highlights of EDIS VPS SERVER Israel - Tel Aviv and KVM Platform

Fastest Intel® Server Processors
Intel® Ethernet Network adapters
Lowest latency SSD storage
Scalable DDR4 RAM
CPU Passthrough, (Intel® AES-NI, SSE, AVX)
Add up to 10 additional IPv4 addresses
Reverse PTR delegation (rDNS)
Auto-installer for common Linux distribution
Auto-installer for Windows Server (trial)
Bring your own .ISO
Optional VLAN within a server location
Live Hybrid Support & Knowledge base

vps израиль

VPS Israel, Bezeq International Data Center


Bezeq International's Shacham data center in Petah Tikva offers one of the highest levels of redundancy in Israel. EDIS Global's VPS hosting platform is hosted in Shacham data center, allowing for stable 24/7/365 operation of services and generous amounts of bandwidth.



Israel VPS Server with Root Privileges

Get full root privilleges on your VPS Israel, or Windows Administrator permissions on the same machine. You decide what it is - Windows or Linux and you can change your mind at any time, because our Israel VPS can be both: An Israel Linux VPS and an Israel Windows Server at any time ;-)

VPS hosting in Israel: Take full control of your hosting environment and enjoy the flexibility to customize your server to meet your requirements. Installing any hosting control panel and software has never been easier. EDIS Globals' VPS management interface allows you to administrate your VPS with ease. EDIS Global provides you with the best hosting experience possible. Upgrade to EDIS Globals Israel VPS today!



What is a SEO VPS?


As a VPS provider with hosting services in Israel, we understand the importance of SEO for your business's success. That's why our Virtual Private Servers can be used as SEO VPS, to help boost your website's visibility, improve pagerank, influcence search engine results page (SERP) listings, and and productivity. Here's what you need to know about EDIS Globals Israel VPS in general:

You can use your EDIS Global Israel VPS as a SEO VPS. You can add up to 10 additional IP addresses from different /24 network segments (different Class C ranges), allowing you to build valuable links between your sites .

Price and Power: EDIS Global offers affordable VPS hosting plans that don't sacrifice power or quality. With full functionality, scalability, and control, our Israel VPS hosting plans provide the benefits of a dedicated server without the added expenses.

SEO Performance: Your site's core functions, such as speed and IP range, can greatly affect your SEO performance. That's why our VPS Israel hosting solutions are designed to optimize these factors and improve your search engine rankings. Host your page on an EDIS Global VPS in Israel and boost your SEO!

Customer Support: At EDIS Global, we pride ourselves on our responsive and knowledgeable customer support team. We're always here to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise, ensuring your business processes are supported and safe.

Upgrade your website's SEO performance today with our reliable and affordable Israel VPS hosting from EDIS Global.

Geo-Located IP Addresses:

When you choose EDIS Global Israel VPS Hosting, you can rest assured that all IP addresses are fully geo-located with Google and all other relevant GeoIP providers.

EDIS Global's Israel VPS hosting is physically located in Petah Tikva (פֶּתַח תִּקְוָה), a city in the Central District of Israel, 10 km (6.6 mi) east of Tel Aviv. All IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses are associated with this address. This allows you to provide region-specific services or content, access geo-restricted services with ease, or build your own Israel CDN edge node.



How to get an Israeli IP address


Are you in need of an Israeli IP address while traveling abroad? Look no further than EDIS Global! Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution allows you to easily access local services and content from anywhere in the world.

Here's how to get started:


  1. Purchase an Israel VPS server

2. Follow our guide to install Wireguard, our easy-to-use VPN client.


It's that simple! Our Israel VPS server, coupled with Wireguard, provides fast and secure internet access with an Israeli IP address from anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to geo-restrictions and hello to seamless browsing and streaming with EDIS Global. Purchase your Israeli VPS server and get started on unlocking the full potential of the internet.