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Updated at: 18/06/2023

Debian 12 "Bookworm" Available with EDIS Global VPS Hosting, debian 12 release date June 10 2023

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Effortless Debian 12 Installation with EDIS Global's Auto-Installer


Setting up your Virtual Private Server (VPS) shouldn't be a hassle. That's why at EDIS Global, we offer automatic installation of Debian 12 on our VPS hosting platform. No more time wasted on laborious setup processes - our auto-installers make getting your VPS up and running a breeze.


Automatic installation is simple and efficient. No more fumbling through complex setup processes or dealing with confusing command lines. Just select the Debian 12 option from our control panel, click 'Install', and let us do the rest.


As an IT professional or Linux specialist, you value ease-of-use without compromising on power or flexibility. Our auto-installers deliver just that - quick setup combined with robust functionality.


Upgrade Your VPS Hosting with EDIS Global


Whether you're new to VPS hosting or a seasoned pro looking for an upgrade, EDIS Global's automatic installation makes setting up Debian 12 easier than ever before.


Security is Our Priority


At EDIS Global, we take security seriously. When using our auto-installer to set up Debian 12 on your VPS, rest assured knowing that all installations come pre-configured with strong default security settings according to Debian's own guidelines. We also provide regular updates to available .iso files to ensure any potential vulnerabilities are quickly addressed.


The Power of Debian 12 with EDIS Global VPS Hosting


Experience the unmatched strength and flexibility of Debian 12, now available on EDIS Global's Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. As a leading provider in global VPS hosting, we are proud to offer our services in an impressive 48 locations around the world.


With Debian 12, you can leverage the power of one of the most stable and secure Linux distributions on your server. This version brings several improvements over its predecessors, including enhanced security features and better performance. Whether you're running a small personal project or managing enterprise-level operations, Debian 12 is equipped to handle it all.


At EDIS Global, we understand that every second counts when it comes to your online presence. That's why our VPS hosting solutions are designed for optimal speed and reliability. Our servers are designed to guarantee fast loading times and excellent uptime for your website.

  • Versatility: With access to numerous software packages directly from the Debian repositories, you have complete control over how you want to configure your server environment.
  • Simplicity: Despite its powerful capabilities, Debian remains user-friendly with straightforward installation processes and easy-to-use management tools.
  • Economy: As an open-source platform, using Debian helps reduce costs without compromising quality or functionality.

We believe in empowering our clients by providing them with robust tools like Debian Linux. By choosing EDIS Global as your VPS host provider coupled with Debian 12 as your operating system choice; rest assured knowing that you're getting unparalleled service backed by years of expertise in this field.


A World-Class Service Experience


In addition to offering top-tier technology options such as Debian 12 for our customers' servers, at EDIS Global we also prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. We strive hard towards delivering exceptional support whenever needed - making sure each client feels valued throughout their journey with us.

Key Takeaway:   

EDIS Global VPS hosting offers Debian 12, a stable and secure Linux distribution with enhanced security features and better performance. With access to numerous software packages directly from the Debian repositories, users have complete control over their server environment. EDIS Global prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing exceptional support throughout each client's journey.


High Performance and Security


Debian 12 brings a higher level of performance and security to your EDIS Global VPS. The latest release offers improved system responsiveness, faster boot times, and better hardware support. In addition, it provides enhanced security against potential malicious software and scams.


Built-in Security Features


Debian 12's focus on security means you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. Regular updates ensure that any newly discovered vulnerabilities are quickly patched up. In addition, Debian 12 offers a variety of safeguards against malicious activities like malware and phishing.


Data Encryption for Added Safety


Debian 12 supports robust encryption standards like AES-256 bit encryption for added safety. Whether you're storing sensitive customer information or proprietary business data, you can rest assured knowing it's well protected.


Faster Processing Speeds


Thanks to optimized codebase and efficient resource management techniques, Debian 12 offers significantly faster processing speeds when running applications or performing tasks on your EDIS Global VPS.


Ease-of-use Without Compromising On Power


Despite all these advanced features, ease-of-use has not been compromised at all. With intuitive interfaces and user-friendly design elements woven throughout the OS environment, navigating through different functionalities becomes a breeze even for those who may be relatively new to Linux-based systems.


Remember: High performance doesn't have to mean complex operations or difficult setups. Deploying your own virtual private server powered by Debian 12 has never been easier or more secure. Check out the to learn more.


Be Among the First to Experience Debian 12


If you're a Linux enthusiast, now is the time to join the EDIS Global community. As a valued user, you'll have the unique opportunity to be among the first to experience Debian 12, also known as "Bookworm". This latest version of Debian 12 offers plenty of fresh additions and enhancements that will make your VPS hosting experience even better.


Why Choose Debian 12?


Debian is a go-to OS for IT professionals around the globe, with each new iteration bringing increased reliability, boosted safety and dependability. Debian 12 is no exception, and here are some highlights:

  • Improved Performance: Expect faster boot times and reduced memory usage thanks to various under-the-hood optimizations.
  • Better Security: New security enhancements help protect your data against potential threats.
  • Fresh Software Packages: Enjoy access to updated versions of thousands of software packages within the extensive Debian repository.

Our team at EDIS Global has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare for this launch. We've fine-tuned our auto-installers, ensuring an easy setup process so that you can get started with Debian 12 without any hassle. Whether you're setting up a personal blog or managing an e-commerce site on your VPS server, we've got you covered.


Sign Up for an EDIS Global VPS Plan Today


To start enjoying all these benefits today, simply sign up for an EDIS Global VPS plan. With 48 locations worldwide, we're committed to providing top-notch VPS hosting services. Don't miss out on being one of the first to get your hands on this powerful operating system.


History of Debian Linux and Releases to Date


The history of Debian Linux is a testament to the power of open-source software. Ian Murdock announced the project in 1993, naming it after himself and his then-girlfriend, Debra - hence "Debian". The objective was to construct a free OS that followed the concepts described in the GNU Manifesto closely.


Debian has been around for a long time and has become very popular. It is a type of a Linux operating system that is known for being reliable and secure. It is loved by software engineers, system administrators, and people who are into technology all over the world.


Each major release is given a code name based on characters from Pixar's Toy Story movies. Notable releases include:

  • Buzz (1.1): Released June 17th, 1996 as the first stable version.
  • Potato (2.2): Released August 15th, 2000; marked significant improvements in package management tools.
  • Sarge (3.1): Released June 6th, 2005; introduced an installer with support for multiple languages & hardware architectures.
  • Lenny (5.0): Released February 14th, 2009; brought full IPv6 support & more secure defaults for many services.

We now welcome Debian 12 Bookworm. This long awaited release promises even greater performance enhancements along with improved security features, which will be beneficial for users running their servers on EDIS Global VPS Hosting platform across our extensive network spanning over 48 countries around the globe.


A Legacy Continues...


The legacy continues as we look forward to experiencing what Bookworm brings. If you're interested in trying out Debian12 or any other versions on your own server hosted at EDIS Global locations globally - don't hesitate. Our automatic installation makes setup easy so you can get started right away.


FAQs in Relation to Debian 12


What's new in Debian 12?


Debian 12, aka "Bookworm", brings better security, updated software, and improved hardware support - check out the official release notes.


What is Debian 12 called?


Debian 12's codename is "Bookworm", following the Pixar character naming tradition.


Is Debian 12 out?


YES! Debian 12 Bookworm is the current stable release and available with every EDIS Global VPS hosting worldwide.


How to upgrade Debian 11 to 12?


To Upgrade from Debian 11 to 12 follow instructions on DebianUpgrade


A Brief History of Debian Linux Releases:

  • Buzz (1.1): Released June '96
  • Rex (1.2): Released December '96
  • Bo (1.3): Released June '97
  • Hamm (2.0): Released July '98
  • Slink (2.1): Released March '99
  • Potato (2.1): Released August 2000
  • Woody (3): Released July '02
  • Etch (4): Released April '07
  • Lenny (5)Released Feb '09
  • Squeeze (6): Released Feb '11
  • Wheezy (7): Released May '13
  • Jessie (8): Released April '15
  • Stretch (9): Released June '17
  • Buster (10): Released July '19
  • Bullseye (11): Released August '21
  • Bookworm (12): Released June '23



Looking for a high-performance and secure Linux distribution? Look no further than Debian 12, a popular choice for IT professionals, VPN providers, and Linux specialists alike.


With a long history dating back to 1993, Debian continues to evolve and improve with each new release, and version 12 is no exception. Experience the power of Debian 12 with easy setup through automatic installation offered by EDIS Global VPS Hosting.


Choose EDIS Global VPS Hosting for a convenient and reliable way to access all that Debian 12 has to offer.