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Updated at: 14/03/2024

KVM VPS Hosting: Advanced Features and Global Solutions

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KVM VPS hosting is an effective and multifaceted choice for Linux professionals, IT experts, and VPN providers. Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a full virtualization solution that offers numerous benefits over traditional VPS packages. In this blog post, we will delve into the key advantages of KVM VPS hosting.

We'll explore how hardware-assisted virtualization with powerful host nodes enhance performance while maintaining advanced security. Furthermore, you'll learn about the customizability and flexibility offered by EDIS Global's KVM VPS solutions – from bringing your own .ISO file or backup for custom installations to upgrading options tailored for specific needs.

Additionally, we will discuss advanced features such as remote access via desktop clients using built-in Virtual Network Computing (VNC), efficient memory management inherited from the Linux kernel, multi-platform support including Windows operating systems, and host CPU passthrough capabilities which can significantly improve performance in gaming, compression tasks, and VPN services. At the conclusion of this post, you will be equipped with a thorough comprehension of why KVM VPS is an optimal selection for your next virtual server implementation.

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KVM VPS Hosting: The Ultimate Virtualization Solution

KVM VPS hosting is the perfect choice for businesses and individuals seeking high-performance, secure, and customizable virtual server solutions. All EDIS Global VPS are based on KVM.

Hardware-assisted Virtualization for Improved Performance

KVM leverages hardware-assisted virtualization technologies like Intel VT-x or AMD-V, resulting in better performance compared to traditional software-based emulation methods used by other hosting providers.

Efficient Memory Management Capabilities

  • Ballooning: KVM supports dynamic allocation of memory resources among hosted VMs, optimizing resource utilization across all guest instances sharing physical server resources.
  • Deduplication: KVM identifies and merges identical memory pages, resulting in reduced overall memory usage for hosted VMs.
  • Memory Overcommitment: KVM allows for allocation of more virtualized hardware resources than are physically available on the host system, enabling better resource utilization and cost-efficiency.

Whether you're running Linux or Windows-based applications or need advanced features like TUN/TAP devices support or CPU passthrough capabilities, EDIS Global's KVM VPS packages have got you covered.

Flexibility in Operating System Support

KVM VPS hosting offers unparalleled flexibility in supporting various operating systems, allowing users to run both Windows and Linux distributions on the same hardware without any compatibility issues.

  • Windows: KVM VPS hosting supports popular Windows versions such as Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, and even legacy versions like Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Linux: The kernel-based virtual machine technology supports numerous Linux distributions including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Fedora as well as BSD derivates.

Migrating to a KVM-based virtual server is simple with support for .ISO files and backups, ensuring minimal downtime during the migration process.

  1. .ISO file uploads allow users to install custom operating systems or applications that may not be available through the control panel of their hosting providers.
  2. Restoring from backups enables quick recovery in case of hardware failures, ensuring business continuity and minimal downtime for your virtual private server environment.

EDIS Global KVM VPS hosting provides a full virtualization solution with unparalleled flexibility, making it an ideal choice for IT professionals managing multiple environments or VPN providers looking for optimal performance across different platforms.

Advanced Features Offered by KVM VPS

KVM VPS hosting offers advanced features for IT professionals and VPN providers, enhancing user experience and providing greater control over virtual machines.

Remote Access via Desktop Clients (VNC)

Connect directly to each VPS' Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server using desktop clients for remote access from anywhere in the world (or use the noVNC web client in the EDIS Global VPS dashboard)

Full Control with Root/Administrator Permissions

KVM VPS provides full control over servers through root access on Linux systems or Administrator user permissions via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on Windows platforms.

  • TUN/TAP Devices: Support for TUN/TAP devices allows VPN providers and other networking-intensive applications to function seamlessly within KVM's virtualized environment.
  • CPU Passthrough: KVM's host CPU passthrough technique enables better utilization of physical hardware resources while maintaining high levels of performance for virtual machines.
  • Linux and Windows Compatibility: KVM's ability to run both Linux and Windows virtual machines side-by-side on the same hardware provides unmatched flexibility for businesses with diverse operating system requirements.

KVM VPS hosting offers a comprehensive set of advanced features for optimal performance, security, and scalability across virtualized infrastructure.

EDIS Global: KVM VPS Hosting Across 48 Locations

Looking for a powerful, flexible virtualization solution? Check out EDIS Global's KVM based VPS available in 50 locations worldwide, including USA, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Customizable Virtual Machines

Upgrade your kvm vps with additional RAM (up to 384GB) or vCPU cores for improved performance and processing power.

  • Add more RAM: Boost application performance with increased memory capacity.
  • Add extra vCPU cores: Allocate additional CPU resources for enhanced processing power.

Global Infrastructure for Optimal Performance

Deploy virtual machines in multiple geographic locations, including Europe, USA, ASIA and Latin America, to reduce latency and ensure optimal uptime.

With EDIS Global's kvm virtualization and kvm vps infrastructure, you can enjoy a full virtualization solution on a single platform, without the need for a dedicated server or physical hardware. Plus, their user-friendly control panel makes managing your virtual servers a breeze.

KVM VPS Hosting: The Ultimate Solution for IT Professionals and VPN Providers

For those seeking top-notch performance and flexibility, KVM VPS hosting is the way to go, offering full virtualization capabilities and stability across our global vps hosting locations.

Why KVM is Ideal for VPN Providers

KVM's support for TUN/TAP devices allows for easy creation of virtual network interfaces on your virtual private server, enabling secure connections between servers and clients, while its compatibility with various operating systems ensures seamless integration with different platforms.

Host CPU Passthrough: The Game-Changer

With KVM VPS hosting, virtual machines (VMs) can access physical hardware resources directly, thanks to the host CPU passthrough technique, resulting in faster performance, better resource utilization, and support for mixed environments.

  • Faster Performance: Bypassing emulation layers allows VMs to utilize host CPU resources more efficiently.
  • Better Resource Utilization: Multiple VMs can share hardware resources without affecting each other's operations negatively.
  • Mixed Environment Support: KVM VPS hosting allows for running both Linux and Windows virtual machines side-by-side on the same hardware.

For IT professionals and VPN providers, EDIS Global's VPS hosting plans offer unmatched flexibility, full control over servers, and advanced capabilities like TUN/TAP devices integration and host CPU passthrough, making it the go-to virtualization solution for businesses seeking security and performance.


EDIS Global KVM VPS hosting is the way to go for enhanced security features and hardware-assisted virtualization, and at EDIS Global, we offer customizable and flexible solutions that allow you to bring your own .ISO file or backup for custom installations.

Our KVM VPS solutions support remote access via desktop clients using the built-in Virtual Network Computing (VNC) feature, and our efficient memory management ensures optimal performance for both Linux and Windows operating systems.

With our use of host CPU passthrough, KVM VPS hosting reduces overhead and improves performance for gaming, compression, and VPN services, making it ideal for VPN providers and other IT professionals who require reliable hosting services.

Upgrade options for memory optimized VPS and CPU optimized compute VPS are also available, so contact us today to learn more about how our KVM VPS solutions can benefit your business!

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