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Updated at: 14/03/2024

VPS Virtual Private Server for Forex Trading

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Run your MT4, MT5 or any other bot across the street of your stock exchange

No matter if you are looking for a forex VPS in Hong Kong, London, a VPS in Singapore or a Virtual Private Server in New York: look no further! Our VPS hosting was built with profitable trading in mind.

A VPS hosting plan allows your trading software to trade 24/7, is economically priced compared to a dedicated server and offers more flexibility at much lower monthly rates. Regardless, if your trading bot requires Windows or if it runs on a Linux server: You want it to run as close as possible to the stock exchange you are trading at.

Running your trading bot thousands of miles away may be a workable solution, but minimizing latency (running your bot technically across the street of the stock exchange) will most certainly put you in a more gratifying position compared to most other market participants.

EDIS runs its clouds production systems in 40+ locations worldwide, including New York, Montréal, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, Tokyo, and Singapore. Pick the location closest to your favorite market for lowest latency. EDIS VPS servers come with lowest latency network access and a minimum 2x 1G port connectivity, are 100% SSD based, and they can run MT4 or MT5 instances without any issues.

Make an EDIS KVM your next Fore Trading VPS. Available in more than 40 locations around the globe. Start automated trading today!

Make an EDIS KVM your next Forex Trading VPS. Available in more than 40 locations around the globe.